8 Tried and Tested SaaS Marketing Strategies Businesses are Using Today

SaaS marketing can be tough and it isn't for the faint of heart.


More traditional businesses and brands can utilize conventional marketing tactics to sell products and services. SaaS companies, meanwhile, need to deal with a unique set of challenges.


But most SaaS companies simply cannot rely on one-time purchases for revenue. That's why it's essential to retain them as customers because most SaaS products work on a recurring subscription model.

In this post, we'll talk more about the eight tried and tested marketing strategies for SaaS businesses.


1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a tried and tested lead generation model for any SaaS website. That's why getting more traffic to your site involves publishing high-quality content.


The topics that you pick should align with your audience's interests. For instance, for a Facebook marketing SaaS, here are a couple of suitable topics for your content:


●  Costs of Facebook marketing.

●  Using Facebook marketing for businesses.

●  Facebook marketing strategy.

●  Facebook marketing for small businesses.


2. Free Trial or Demo

The best way to draw hesitant shoppers is through product trials. This allows users to test your product, understand its benefits and offers, and then upgrade to paid plans. It's also one of the most effective SaaS marketing strategies for lead generation.


Other SaaS companies consider these product trials as a free plan in their subscription model. They allow the company to test out some of its basic features while locking the advanced ones.


For instance, your SaaS tool can crawl up to 500 pages per website on a free plan. If your client has more than 500 pages, then they’ll need to purchase a paid plan.


Any SaaS marketing agency will agree that offering free trial or demo allows the users to give your product or service a try, which in turn can compel them to convert to a paid plan.


There are also a few things that you can put into place for this strategy to work:


●  An excellent in-product experience.

●  Readily available customer support.

●  Onboarding sequence for leads.

●  Clear communication on what is in the free plan/product trial.


3. Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization helps your website to be discoverable on search engines, targeting people who are searching for solutions.


But SEO is more than just sprinkling a few keywords here and there across your content and website. You also need to tackle it in two ways:


●  On-page SEO: You have to craft content ‒ whether it's on your website or blog ‒ for people to read, share with others, or link to. You should use the right keywords for your content in titles, URLs, and descriptions. The more webpages and content that you optimize, the more search traffic you'll be able to drive in.

●  Off-page SEO: Building high-quality links from authoritative and trusted websites that your target audience visit or go to frequently. The content you're sharing on social media is equally important, too.


4. Pay-per-click Advertising

Unlike inbound marketing or SEO, a PPC campaign that's well-implemented helps create an immediate impact, placing you in front of sales-qualified leads.


Nurturing and building an audience over time makes sure that you have a steady stream of leads that you can turn into paying clients. And these leads can keep on coming, thanks to a well-executed PPC campaign.


5. Online Review Management

Online reviews are different from references, case studies, as well as testimonials that are found on your website. It's because most of your prospects are likely going to perceive those as biased.


Online reviews are a more popular option because they're more perceived by most people as authentic, unbiased, and honest.


6. Referral Marketing

People are more likely to purchase something if it's referred by a friend. That's precisely why referral marketing is a highly lucrative strategy for a lot of SaaS companies.


To ensure that you're getting quality referrals, you need to explain what makes a great referral in the first place. You should also see clearly how and when people will get incentivized.


7. Frictionless UX Implementation

On your site, you should try to minimize friction at all costs, because it plays a key role in enhancing the overall user experience. This is especially true for companies and businesses that provide a large number of products/services, and cater to a big customer base.


So, make sure that the overall experience is much more user-friendly.


For instance, if you provide the user with an entire library of templates, they would find it much more difficult to pick a template of their choice. Hence, you’ll need a search bar with filter options.


8. Retargeting

If a user has recently visited your site, downloaded an e-book, signed up for a free trial, contacted you, or asked for a consultation, then it's crucial to retarget them by nurturing your ad campaigns.


Remarketing and retargeting allow you to boost your conversions, while also dramatically bringing down the cost per customer acquisition.


There you have it. Listed above are tried and tested SaaS marketing strategies that not only allow SaaS businesses to grow but also see what drives the best results.


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