5 Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

No matter how good your products or services are, you simply won’t be able to succeed unless you put some effort into marketing your small business. The truth is, the market is overcrowded right now and only those who manage to get the word about what they do end up making money. But how do you successfully market your small business? Here are 5 tips that are guaranteed to help.

Thanksgiving contest ideas you can have up and running in a matter of minutes

Thanksgiving is a special time of year. Time to gather with family and friends, feast on succulent turkey, and voice our appreciation. Also, time for brands to launch Thanksgiving-themed social media promotions. Celebrating this holiday of gratitude with a Thanksgiving giveaway is an awesome way to show your appreciation to clients, customers, and fans.

How to Capture Both Online and Offline Sales Traffic This Holiday Season

Ho-ho-ho-boy, this isn’t going to be an easy holiday season for businesses this year.

The latest intel suggests that the split between online shoppers and offline shoppers is going to be about even -- so a business that ignores either market while advertising and planning for the holidays does so at its own peril.

Why Is WordPress the Go-To Platform for E-Commerce Stores?

WordPress now supplies the foundation to more than 75,000,000 websites across the globe, making it the most popular CMS (Content Management System) out there. WordPress was once a blogging platform to help blog owners better manage their blogging practices, but it’s now one of the most used platforms as far as e-commerce stores are concerned. But, why is WordPress so popular, especially in the e-commerce world?

How to Craft a Business Plan for Your SMB

Each and everysmall businessis faced with a unique set of challenges: How to Come out of obscurity, attract investors and customers, and achieve long-term growth. Well, a business plan is the cornerstone of these efforts. It will help you gain a sense of direction necessary for navigating the labyrinth of daily decision-making. So, here is how you can put together a professional and comprehensive document, and get your operations off the ground.

5 Good Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

Social media has changed our lives drastically. It didn’t only impact the way we communicate but the way we shop as well. People now turn to social media when looking for products and services and that’s why you simply have to make sure you use networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote your business. And if you’re still not convinced, make sure you check out this list of 5 good reasons why social media marketing is important.

5 Tips on Improving Your Corporate Culture

One of the key factors that will influence the overall success of your business is your corporate culture. A strong corporate culture enables you to recruit the best employees and retain them as long as possible. It also fosters a work environment where employees are engaged and more productive. Finally, a well-developed company culture will leave a good impression on your business clients

The best culture to adopt is one that values the diversification and uniqueness of the team. While the team may share common goals and values, it also understands the benefit associated with team members having different backgrounds and life experiences.

How To Use Slack to Increase Collaborate With Your Team

Slack is without doubt one of the most popular tools for workplace collaboration today. Launched less than five years ago, the online communication platform already enjoys a daily active user base of more than 5 million people. With over 1.5 million paid accounts, Slack is easily one of the top collaboration tools to watch out for in the coming months. From a business owners’ perspective, Slack offers a terrific opportunity for teams to improve workplace collaboration and communication efficiency. In this article, we will take a look at a few pointers that should help your team achieve this.

How to Start your Home Décor Business?

Running a creative business can be fun and also financially rewarding. But the mere thought of starting a business of any scale can also be intimidating. However, with the right information at your disposal, you can take the steps towards building your own business.

If you always wanted to start your home décor business, consider the below points to begin your own entrepreneurial journey.

When to Duck and When to Punch

Research has found out that a high number of customers regard online reviews as a credible source of information for any company. People would first go to find out what others are saying about your products or services and how you respond to opinions, suggestions and criticisms before making a buying decision.

Many business owners feel offended and hurt when they get reviews or opinions that portray then in a bad light, they might feel the customer doesn’t have enough information to make such an assumption or that any problem their product or services caused is as a result of customer error. This might be true, but we need to remember that negative reviews can have a huge impact on our businesses; therefore as business owners, we knew to know when to duck, and when to throw a punch.

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