Idea Cafe Grant Registration Closes, What’s Next?

The registration deadline for the Eighth Idea Café Small Business Grant is now behind us. The selection process has started, in order to finish in a couple of weeks, when we'll announce our semi-finalists.

Good News About Cold Calls!

Looking to expand your client base?

You can put your website out there – but they probably won’t see it.

You can do Search Engine Optimization – but the rules for that seem to change daily, and most businesses are in categories that are populated with thousands of competitors.

You can do mass e-mail, but most people delete, without reading, dozens of e-mails daily.

You can do a snail-mailing, and if it’s clever enough it will probably be looked at. The percentage of people who act on it, however, is likely to be tiny.

Or you can simply call.

The Evolution of a Business - Go Green Go

I would like you to know what Go Green Go is all about, our mission and what makes us tick. But before you can understand what we are all about, I would like you to know where we came from and how we got here (Where ever “Here” is).

Making The Most Of Your Down Business Cycle

Learn how to build an accurate income forecast for your business while creatively taking advantage of your slower months.

When I first started coaching my mentor coach warned me that August and December tended to be slow months while January, April and September were the busiest months in terms of clients seeking coaches. Armed with this information, I was able to build a realistic income forecast for my business as well as plan personal downtime.

Planning around my business cycles is one key way I have been able to stay in business for 12 years.

Sales Letters that Sell!

The average consumer is inundated with sales pitches. So if you’re selling a product or service to today’s ad weary consumer, if you want your sales letters to get results, you’ll need a step-by-step plan that breaks down the barriers to buying. A plan that bypasses the head and goes right for the heart.

If the heart’s in it, the brain will follow.

SWOT! How to Avoid the Really Big Mistakes

When DreamWorks creative superstars Steven Spielberg and David Geffen announced they were not going to renew their contract with parent company Viacom’s Paramount Studios last year, it made the news everywhere here in Los Angeles. Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman told the press the loss would be “completely immaterial” to his company.

Deadline for Grant Application Extended by Two Weeks

The application deadline for the Eighth Idea Cafe Grant was extended by two weeks, from September 2nd to September 15th 2009. The deadline extension will give everyone one last opportunity to register for the grant competition. Entrepreneurs from all across America are submitting their applications. Did you submit yours? It's free.

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All Idea Cafe regulars,

Recently my business and I had the honor of being named a finalist along with 49 other exceptional businesses and there leaders in the Entrepreneurial Spirit 2009 Grant contest hosted by Idea Cafe. I congratulate Susan Jenkins of Go Green Go on a wonderful win with a brilliantly conceived and executed concept.

When I entered in the grant contest I did not realize the level of exposure I would receive within the business community, major search engines, business websites, etc. The exposure not only increased site visitors but amplified the demand for our website services, ultimately growing our revenue.

Recession Strategies: Cut Costs Strategically

OK, so we’re in a recession, and a really bad one at that. Ask the experts how long it will last and you’ll hear everything from 5 or 6 more months to 5 or 6 more years. One thing is certain, though—everyone agrees that it won’t last forever.

So what do you do with this not-so-helpful bit of information? Here are a few ideas for ways to avoid some of the common mistakes of past downturns—and get a head start on your competition at the same time.

It Starts With Cost Control

September 1st, the Deadline for Grant Applications, Approaches

The deadline for grant applications is fast approaching.

There are only seven days left before the clock strikes midnight on September 1st, and the Idea Cafe's new $1,000.00 Small Business Grant closes for applications.

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