5 Office Design Tricks for Creating a More Productive Work Environment

In case you’re running your own business, you probably know how important it is to make sure everyone in the office is being as productive as possible. While there are many factors that determine an employee’s ability to focus fully on their work, office design is the most important among them. What this means is that you should try to design your office in such a way that it helps your employees perform better. That being said, we came up with 5 office design tricks that should help you create a more productive work environment for members of your team.

5 Tips to Write Marketing Content that Inspires Customer Action

Marketers write content for a number of reasons. Sometimes, marketers create blog posts to educate and inform visitors. Other times, marketers construct persuasive pieces aimed at changing the way consumers perceive a company or product. Yet, more often than not, marketers create content in order to elicit a reaction. At the end of the day, marketing efforts are supposed to inspire some sort of action from leads ––  to download an eBook, make a phone call, visit a nearby testing clinic, etc. However, there’s a subtle art to writing marketing content that doesn’t come across like a sales pitch, but still manages to energize interested leads. Here are five tips your team can use to craft marketing content that’ll get your customers up and moving:

Where To Use Branding In Your Business

Once you have developed your brand and determined what it is what you want it to be and what you want from it, you will need to start using it. You should use your brand on as much of your business as you can, as it is what will tell people more about you and how you work. So here are some ways that your branding can be used most effectively.


Your Website

Maximizing Desktop-to-Mobile Site Migration [Infographic]

In an age when so many of us spend several hours a day browsing our cellphones, the importance to companies of having a solid mobile presence has never been higher. Almost every business will have set up a website early in the 21stcentury but now, with mobile consumption so abundant, having a standalone desktop site is no longer enough.

What many smaller businesses might not realize is that there are several ways in which they can proceed with setting up a mobile site.

Top Tips for Inventory Management & Storing Business Merchandise

For a large majority of businesses, inventory is the lifeblood of the operation. This means that investing in good inventory management practices is essential. Here are some methods that you can employ in order to manage your inventory and business merchandise.

Use a Revolving System

In some businesses, some of your stock may have an expiration date. If you want to avoid discarding items, make sure to use the FIFO system. The acronym stands for First In, First Out. What this means is that the oldest items are the ones that need to leave the shelves first. This can be a bit of a stocking challenge when you reorder items. Develop a marking system so that employees can stock your shelves appropriately.

Choosing a Payment Method for an On-Demand/Delivery Startup

The most profitable startups today are on-demand/delivery. This includes such services as childcare service delivery (Kango), package delivery (Roadie), food (Seamless), and taxi (Uber). If you’ve used any of the above services, you will have used a payment method via your mobile app. If you’re contemplating starting such a business of your own, one of the main questions to answer is what mobile app payment processor to use. After all, when it comes to an on-demand/delivery service app, the payment feature is the most important.

Key Investments for Growing Your Business

Starting a business is a grand investment in itself, and so a lot of entrepreneurs tend to postpone further investments. However, growing a business without investing in it is not a realistic option. The key is knowing what you need to invest in and when. That way you will be more likely to get a return on investment and at the same time help your business grow safely.

Chocolate gift basket – A great idea for corporate gift

You can use chocolate gift baskets as corporate gifts as marketing tools because it gives your recipients wonderful gifts which they will associate with your company and your brand. Chocolates are a favourite of a lot of people, and it will help you to solidify your business logo around the offices of your recipients. Chocolate corporate gift baskets will be received well by all. In this article you will learn why giving chocolate corporate gift baskets can be beneficial to you.

Tips for Understanding Price Movements When Trading Cryptocurrency

The world of cryptocurrency trading is much more volatile than stocks or securities, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to predict price patterns for currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin based on technical analysis of their trading patterns. Follow these quick tips to help you get a proper trading plan in place for your cryptocurrency moves.

Tips to Manage Your Small Business Cash Flow

It’s no lie that if you want to make money, you need to spend money. Imagine your business’ cash flow as a digestive tract. The capital your business feeds on gets dispersed into smaller reserves that go towards funding your essential components.

Successful business thrive when their generated income is used to improve their brand.  Listed below are a few ways you can manage your small business’ cash flow.

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