Hardware Startups Resources That You Must Know

The last some years there has been a rampant growth in the field of Startup Company or commonly called StartUp. Majority being in the field of information technology, especially web technology, mobile, and games. Nevertheless the definition of the word “Startup " itself can mean wider, not glued in terms of information technology alone but can be in other fields such as automotive, biotechnology, advertising, semiconductors, and others.

Five Ways To Attract Referrals Without Sounding Desperate

Regardless of how much advertising you do, your most effective and cost efficient source is from referrals. However asking for referrals can be challenging. Many business owners feel it makes them appear needy, desperate, or imposing. So here are five ways to ask for referrals without making you - or your customer - feel uncomfortable.

2017 Mother’s Day Social Media Ideas For Your Small Business

Mother’s day 2017 is right around the corner on May 14th. This day is one of the most emotional and hearty holidays, and you, as a business owner, cannot just ignore it.

Mother’s Day shoppers spent 21.4 billion in 2016, according to a 2017 shopping analysis. If social media is one of the highest performing marketing channels for your business (and even if it is not yet), you need to make the most out of it to drive those shoppers to your business.

5 Keys to Running a Successful Online Business from Home

You have probably heard of people making plenty of money with nothing more than an iPad and a booth at their local coffee shop. With an exciting insider's view in how to run your own online business, your lifestyle would quickly change overnight. Even if you do not plan to set up shop in a booth at the local Starbucks, being able to work at home in your pajamas would sure make the daily grind a whole lot easier and enjoyable also.

How Can Marketers Make The Most Out of Social Media in 2017

Social media is front and central as far as digital marketing is concerned. There are newer social platforms coming up, and the existing ones are introducing new features to stay ahead of the competition. In 2017, social will play a huge role in how well your brand fares online. It is a fact that almost all smartphone users are hooked onto multiple social media channels. That is where they gain information, read news, view products and services, and click through to stores and business sites.

7 Office Design Tips for Your Thriving Startup

As you’re hopefully experiencing, there is nothing – repeat nothing! – more exhilarating in the business world than being at the helm of a thriving startup. And one of the big reasons is that you get to make important decisions that have a far reaching, if not profound impact on your business’s future; and indeed, it’s ultimate legacy. And that brings us to the topic of office design.

Simply put – and perhaps surprisingly – the office design decisions you make today will play a role in your startup’s success tomorrow. To put you on the right track, here are seven practical, yet visionary office design tips that will elevate your startup onwards and upwards:

6 Ecommerce Order Fulfilment Best Practices

Whether you’re targeting customers in the B2B, B2C or B2B2C space, you online business needs to ensure that your ecommerce order fulfilment is an asset rather than a liability. Indeed, customer expectations have never been higher, and delayed shipments, incorrect orders, or any other fulfilment-related problem can do more than just lead to a cancelled sale: it can terminate a valuable customer relationship, and be a win for the competition.

4 Great Offline Marketing Tips to Get Your Brick-and-Mortar Business Noticed

When it comes to affordable, high-impact marketing ideas, most advice is targeted towards the online world -- and with good reason. Having a dynamic digital footprint is not just essential for short term success, but it’s necessary for long term survival.

Delivering On Time: How to Make Your Shipping Business a Success

While the internet continues to cause disruptions across a broad range of fields, there's no way to deliver physical items online. The shipping field will continue to play a vital role in maintaining economies, and running a shipping business can be lucrative and enjoyable. Here are a few ways to make your shipping business a success.

4 Tips to Grow your e-Commerce Business

Business news show that growing an e-commerce company online can be challenging but it is not impossible. For businesses that focus on the sale of products, going the retail way is necessary. If you want to begin selling your products online, here are four key strategies to get you started:

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