Text Messaging for Business: The Ultimate Guide

Why use text message marketing? Today’s consumers are inundated with marketing everywhere they look. Traditional marketing like billboards and newspaper ads has been quickly overtaken by modern tactics like social media ads, email marketing, and influencer marketing. So how is your business to stand out in the crowd?

5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Startup Spirit Up

Market success followed by hyper-growth is the ultimate dream scenario for many startups. Unfortunately, it may be difficult for their leaders to simultaneously attract new investors, control the development and launch of new products, and supervise the recruitment of new employees. In this situation, many startups risk losing their original identity, culture, and spirit as they grow bigger and become more similar to major corporations. We have collected the five solutions that will allow you to keep your startup spirit up while also being effective as an organisation.  

Streamline Your Office: How to Use Your Employees Mostly Efficiently

Good management means you’re always open to changing how things work in your office. Productivity shifts as employees grow, and you want to make sure that everyone is using their strengths as often as possible. After all, a talented web designer who sits around all day doing little more than creating an email or two isn’t going to be happy.

Cover Of The Rolling Stone

I subscribe to just two print magazines:

Inc., because it helps me build my business.

Rolling Stone, because it helps me appear cool in front of my children (although I’m pretty sure I lost that battle at “print magazines”).

Rolling Stone covers music, of course. But there is also, usually, an article about somebody otherwise famous.

A recent edition’s featured famous person was comedian Chris Rock.

How to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is no longer just for fun, it is also a place for serious business. Companies use social media to gain and market to customers. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are some of the major players in the social media space. Businesses use these platforms every day to reach out to customers and market. In this article, we will walk you through methods that will make the most out of social media for businesses.

Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Online Business

The internet has revolutionized life as we know it, including the business world. In fact, the quantity of online business communication, selling, and marketing that takes place these days is staggering — especially when one considers that none of it existed half a century ago.


While the internet is a promising landscape for practically any business venture at this point, that doesn’t mean that starting an online business is a simple task. It requires planning and is just as open to miscalculations and oversights as any brick-and-mortar enterprise. With that said, here are a few mistakes to avoid the next time you launch an online startup.

How CRM Systems Help Increase Customer Retention

Forrester researchers confidently claim that marketers obsess over customer acquisition, and lose focus on the equally, if not more, integral aspect of customer retention. A longitudinal study by Econsultancy established how marketers continue to be inclined towards customer acquisition over retention, in pure defiance to Pareto's 80:20 rule, that simply captures how existing customers constitute 80% of the average organization's revenue! Loyal customers are, typically your most valuable patrons because:

4 Side Hustles to Boost Your Income

Working as an employee and having a couple of side hustles is a great way to boost your income in the medium term. But most side hustles won’t generate much extra moola this month or even in the next 2 to 3 months because they take time to develop. However, there are ways to get more cash sooner if that’s your goal too. Here are four side hustles to give your income a boost in the future.

Probing Into Merchant Account And Terminal Requirements For Credit Card Processing

You will be better off if you know the answers to different questions regarding credit card processing that may come to your mind, quite naturally if you wish to accept credit card payments from your consumers.

To start with, if you are wondering whether or not you want a merchant account to accept credit card payment you must know that it is essential to have one such account.

Establishing Your Market Niche: Tools and Strategies for Small e-Businesses

The e-commerce retail business is more competitive than ever and continues to get more competitive over time. Technology has made it possible for nearly anyone to set up a website and go into business, while behemoth retailers like Amazon have set the bar very high for smaller players. That’s why it’s so important to provide a satisfying shopping experience and a website shoppers enjoy revisiting.

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