5 Things to Consider When Deciding Between E-Commerce and Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Rutgers University predicts that global retail sales will reach 28.3 trillion by the end of 2018, with only $483 million of that spent online. Despite the ease that online shopping has brought to the retail world, research continues to show that customers are still craving the tactile experience of retail shopping.

7 Money-Making Ideas to Help You Quit the 9 to 5

If you want to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset with open arms, you can do so by finding unique ways to boost your finances. A passive income can provide you with much more financial freedom to achieve your goals, such as retiring early, and it could potentially lead to a full-time business that allows you to quit your current 9-to-5 career. If you are looking for some money-making ideas, find out how to make cash in your spare time.

How Unified Communications Can Impact the Manufacturing Industry

The business world has seen a lot of radical changes over the past few years. These developments are also evident in many aspects of business communications across various sectors. In particular, the manufacturing industry has greatly benefitted from the availability of new technology, resulting to an improvement in processes and an increase in productivity.

5 Ways to Say No

Everyone knows that flexibility is a good trait to have in business, but whatever your field, there are times you need to say “No.” Sometimes it’s to an employee, sometimes it’s even to a client. Whether you are facing scope creep, unpaid invoices, or too many last-minute changes, there are times when you need to be less flexible. These five ideas can help you say no, and feel good about doing so.

3 Ways to Better Track Your Customers’ Habits

Regardless of industry, every small business has certain things in common. Indeed, most tenants of good business are translatable across the board, precisely because they’re universal truths. So whether you’re looking to become more frugal in your spending, or build a better website, you should know that you’re not alone in your work. With that in mind, we’re going to examine one of those precepts of good business today: understanding your customer base. That’s because every business can benefit from a deeper comprehension of their customers’ wants/needs. Here are three ways you can better track your customers’ habits –– and increase sales as a result.

5 Awesome Methods To Boost Your ROI In 2018

An item that always has to be on your agenda is your return on investment. The truth is simple – by optimizing the way you spend your every dollar, you are making your marketing strategy more effective, with the chance to make a greater impact, bring you more leads, sales, and retain a greater number of customers.

Digital Trends to Reign Supreme in 2018

Dictated by customer behavior, digital trends are once again facing changes in the upcoming months. From updating their content strategy to using big data to understand their audience, brands are heavily relying on the online habits of their clientele to improve their digital game. This is especially noticeable in regions of the world experiencing spectacular technological and startup growth such as in Asia Pacific, where Hong Kong, Singapore, and China lead the way in tech and digital innovation.

Acquiring Assets: A Short Guide to Buying a Business

Many people want to get into a good business, but not everyone has the time and skills necessary to create one from scratch. Fortunately, there are many pathways to business ownership. For people with the money to do it, buying a business is by far the most convenient way. Here are four things you should consider when buying a business.

Getting to Grips with Business Finances is Key to Long-term Success

Anyone who’s heard the phrase “cash is king” understands that when the cash runs out, the game is over. Cashflow in a business setting is equally important too. Your business can have all the stated revenues in the world, but if it’s tied up in future receivables on 60-day credit terms with no money coming in and only expenses being paid out, hitting a cash crunch is almost inevitable without sufficient cash reserves to start the business.

Merging Companies: How to Make Sure Your Business is Protected

Not all business owners are bold enough to go through mergers and acquisitions. The ones who do say that more stability and more profits are the major benefits. If you are interested in a merger, know that failure is a major theme. Understand the full risks of this business deal and work to protect your company during the process.


The Problems with Mergers

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