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What a month October has been. Sailing in the Caribbean for 12 days. Oh wait, you don’t want to hear about the vacation, you want to know what’s been happening with Go Green Go”. Actually, if you do want to hear about sailing in the BVI’s – just send me an email ( [email protected] ) and I will be happy to talk about sailing and give you some great places to visit.

Meet the Five Finalists and Vote for Grant Winner

Having the chance to vote for their favorite business idea, Idea Café regulars made their choice and selected the five finalists out of the list of our stellar semi-finalists. We are honored to present you the people and companies who will compete for winning the grant:

Outsource Your Accounts Receivable Management With Factoring

One of the biggest business trends of the past 20 to 30 years has been the move toward outsourcing.

There was a time not so many years ago when most companies handled almost all business functions internally themselves: payroll, hiring, human resources, financials, accounting, IT, etc. Well, do the names ADP, Paychex, Randstad, or Tatum ring a bell? Each has become a leader in providing specialized business services for companies on an outsourced basis.

Changes in Small Business Marketing in an Uncertain Economy

Are you like me? Do you miss the easier days when an entire “strategic” marketing budget hinged on the Ad campaign using stock photography of people shaking hands to depict “teamwork,” or the scantily clad couple, fondling each other in the elevator? Nothing says “buy my product” or “we have a better service” than the depiction of wild sexual encounters or cliché photos and taglines.

Achieving Success In The 21st Century: The "New" Rules of Engagement

All the "sure" boats to success have seemingly gone down. On a daily basis I hear people muttering a new belief: "Success just isn't possible right now." The drive to achieve ones goals, dreams and aspirations have been chucked overboard as impossible rubbish and have been replaced with a new belief: "It's a desperate time where the best one can hope for is to just make it through without losing everything."

Marketing 101 With Anne Welch

It’s a tough time for magazines, but ELLE’s success only seems to grow, as seen in partnerships with Project Runway, MTV’s The City, and more. Anne Welch, Vice President and Brand Publisher of Elle Magazine, didn’t play a small part in this – she’s an expert at reaching fashionistas, even in a time when shopping is taboo. Here are a few of Welch’s marketing “basics” – just a taste of the knowledge she’ll share as a speaker at AdweekMedia’s inaugural Marketing to Women conference next Wednesday, November 4.

How Factoring Services Can Help You Forge Stronger Supply Chain Links

Things have changed pretty drastically in the world of commercial financing over the past couple of years, forcing drastic changes in small business financing as well—both yours and the companies you sell to. Just as importantly, the business of your suppliers has also changed.

Successful companies need to adapt to what Roger McNamee calls “The New Normal.” As McNamee proposes in his blog, “Wake up and smell the coffee. This is not your father’s economy. And it’s not the boom that inflated our expectations and then exploded. But it’s also not the doom and gloom we’ve been mired in for nearly three years now! So, wake up. Pull yourself together. Get on with it. ‘With what?’ you ask. With the rest of your life. It’s a bright, fresh world full of opportunities.”

Semi-finalist Q&A: Kick Start Pro

Kick Start Pro is a personal wake-up call/calendar management service for working mothers. Kick Start Pro's personal service is designed to engage clients in conversation and make getting their feet from the bed to the floor the easiest part of their day.

How did you come up with the idea for your business?

Long ago, as a young mother of three, I found that hitting the snooze alarm didn’t make me happier, it just wasted time and made for a more stressful morning because then I found myself behind. Once I began waking up an hour before the kids, I found myself to be a much nicer person in the morning, and actually accomplishing goals I had been putting off.

Semi-finalist Q&A: Bamboo Bike Studio

Bamboo Bike Studio is a working laboratory that develops natural materials science, design, and engineering, educational programs that create a more conscious, participatory consumer-product relationship, and sustainable personal transportation alternatives. Bamboo is our current focus material, and the bicycle is our focus form of transportation.

How did you come up with the idea for your business?

BBS co-founder Marty Odlin conceived the idea of a bamboo bicycle after visiting China and witnessing the power and scale of bamboo use in structural scaffolding; when he got back to the US, he wanted to build his own bike, and realized bamboo would be a perfect and easy material to work with. At the same time, Sean Murray and Justin Aguinaldo were working with the Bamboo Bike Project at Columbia University.

Semi-finalist Q&A:A Festive Touch

A Festive Touch is a new florist in town. They offer the most trendy and unique flower arrangements, while also making the more traditional customers happy. We also carry giftware, candles, gift baskets, and gourmet chocolates.

How did you come up with the idea for your business?

My mom and I both grew up in the business. Her mom owned a flower shop when she was younger, then after selling it , her mom continued to work in the floral industry for years. My mom, has the same story. She owned her own shop for 5 years. But sadly she had to close it after having 4 kids, all in school, and my dad worked out of town. The shop became so busy, so fast she couldn't stand being away from us kids all the time.

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