Search vs. Social Media: Finding the Right Balance

I receive lots of questions regarding both search and social media and I am often asked by clients and friends, which strategy is the best for my business?  Obviously, there should be a balance of search vs. social media marketing for anyone wishing to conduct a comprehensive web marketing campaign, but what this article is going to talk about is the general expectations of focusing on Search vs. Social media.

Want Trust? Be a Thought Leader

When Woody Allen said that "80% of success is just showing up," he probably didn't have online marketing in mind. While it's true that 49% of small businesses have a website, new media users on average only follow five brands or companies online. If most of your competitors have an online presence, where does that leave you? Simply being a bystander may garner some attention, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and make fans out of your prospects and customers, you need to offer more than a product.

10 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

Social media sites are more popular than ever and with over 100 million users LinkedIn is in the top five most popular.  LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and is an extremely resourceful tool for job hunters, recruiters, business owners, etc.  Once you sign up for a LinkedIn account, you must create your professional profile.  The more effective your profile, the more professionals can find you and connect with you. 

The Secrets of the Effective Small Business Marketing

In most new businesses proper marketing can make or break its future success. Although most people allocate a certain amount of funds to marketing and advertising the majority of the funds are usually spent on the product or service itself. A big break most often comes from when something has caught the eye the right person, usually through some sort of popular effective marketing.

Does Page Load Time Matter for SEO?

Page load time is defined as the time it takes for a webpage to fully load in a browser showing all elements of a page.  Does relative page load time matter for SEO?  Here's a question that has come up on my radar a few times over the last few months.  In fact, Matt Cutts of Google recently spoke about it in one of his many blog videos (link below).  So, with so many people wondering does the speed to load a page affect

What Should Be the Limit of Links on a Page for SEO Purposes?

Whether you are an SEO/SEM professional or an independent web developer, one of the essential aspects of optimizing your site is receive high quality one way backlinks from others.  In the past, building links was much easier due to the fact that years ago Google rarely penalized a site that received links from link farms, reciprocal links (never penalized- but hold very little if any weight), three way links and paid links.  In fact, many in our indus

The Evolution of Business Marketing Online

It seems that business marketing online is something that has always existed since the 'birth' of the internet. Actually however this type of marketing and technology evolved out of what was originally regarded as the information highway! The internet in the earliest stages was universally regarded as a massive library of information and did not really become recognized as a communication platform until later.

Why Cash Flow is King

One of the biggest financial mistakes many small business owners make is focusing too heavily on profitability at the expense of cash flow. There’s an old saying that sums it up well: “Profit is Queen, but cash is King.”

This is especially true in the post-financial-crisis world that continues to linger, with economic growth remaining tepid and most banks still reluctant to loosen the purse strings. Unfortunately, many small businesses that were enjoying record profits, at least on paper, back before the financial crisis hit didn’t have sufficient cash flow to see them through the downturn.

Motivation is the Key to Success

As they say April showers brings May flowers and the month of May has already began to blossom with wonderful new ventures for Custom Flipz. We have been chosen by Pepsi to participate in the refresh everything project, a contest sponsored by Pepsi that gives grants to the most deserving businesses and people with good ideas, such as how Idea Café has done for me and many others.

Tips to Help You Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

Mobile Search is constantly on the rise.  As more and more people purchase smart phones and as smartphones get more and more powerful, mobile search has become a very big focus for many companies. Whether you are a local business or service the nation/world, you should consider how mobile search can affect your business.

Mobile Search Evolves

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