Getting to Grips with Business Finances is Key to Long-term Success

Anyone who’s heard the phrase “cash is king” understands that when the cash runs out, the game is over. Cashflow in a business setting is equally important too. Your business can have all the stated revenues in the world, but if it’s tied up in future receivables on 60-day credit terms with no money coming in and only expenses being paid out, hitting a cash crunch is almost inevitable without sufficient cash reserves to start the business.

Tips for Starting Successful Plumbing Business

It is quite true that small business owners usually have to face a lot of competition in the market. After all, they run on small budgets, and they also have to survive in a market where other companies have already established. So, in case you are planning to start a plumbing business, you need o follow the right strategies. Unless you have the right strategies, it can be really hard for your newly established plumbing business to survive in the market. So, let us provide you some essential tips for the successful inception of plumbing business.

The Basics of Branding for Your Small Business in 5 Easy to Follow Steps

Never underestimate the importance of branding. Not only does this make you instantly recognizable as a business, but your brand is who you are, what you do, what you stand for, and how you add value to the lives of your customers. The small business that takes the time to understand the importance of branding and the basics of building that brand in five easy to follow steps is the business that will succeed.

Online Learning Models: A Lead Magnet for SMBs

Digital connectivity has transformed into a necessity for staying in touch with friends and family, for generating revenue, and, most importantly, sharing knowledge.

Information is not a luxury reserved for the privileged few; it is a right for all. And in current times, the free-flowing exchange of information is the most valuable resource available. Knowledge and information enables people to become more competent, effective, and skilled in work and life. And because of that, people are hungry to soak up all they can.

Office Design Tips to Improve Employee Productivity

When you hire someone, your hope is that they will perform their jobs to the best of their abilities for the betterment of your company. While a careful selection process, a positive workplace culture, and effective management are necessary to build the strongest teams, there is another important factor to consider - their workspace. Contrary to popular belief, when your staff is uncomfortable, their productivity levels will decline.

Why Cloud Storage is Important for Businesses to Use

Cloud storage is a technology that some businesses have accepted much sooner than others. Traditional companies that are slow to adapt or smaller business with owners who are decidedly low-tech and proud of it may not even have taken up cloud storage services yet.

Here are a few reasons why cloud storage is worth trying out.

What Type of Office is Right for You and Your Team?

Long gone are the days when the workspace was defined by gray-scale color schemes, narrow cubicles, and fluorescent lighting. Today, even the biggest corporations in the world are moving their staff into beautifully designed modern offices in an attempt to instill a more open-minded company culture. Yet, even though trendy spaces, with inbuilt cafes and plenty of social spaces, are becoming increasingly commonplace, they aren’t the only option for companies that are looking for a change of pace.

Tips For Streamlining Your Business Finances

If you’re in the position of owning your own business, you might find that the laborious process of checking up on your finances and measuring and managing your cash flow can get in the way of the real work that needs doing - like managing your staff, making influential contacts, and meeting with important clients. Often, the finances of a business are so complex that a number of staff are required simply to keep on top of it. If you’re in this particular boat, the following tips on streamlining your company’s financial system will prove useful in minimizing the time you spend with your eye on the spreadsheets and therefore maximizing your capacity to grow your business.

Effective Ways to Get Your Business Back on Track

If your business has gone off the rails, so to speak, it is important that you know how to start getting it back on track as quickly as possible. There are a lot of different ways to improve your business for the short-term and long-term, and it’s important that you know what some of them are. The more information you get, the easier it will be for you to get your business back to where it should be.

A Comprehensive Guide to Mobile Apps Marketing and SEO

Everyone has an app these days. Every major company with a website will also guide you to an app from their mobile site, and often they entice customers with additional content and offers available only through the app.

This appeal means there are literally millions of apps (6+ million in 2017 on just Apple and Google’s platforms, as seen below). If you don’t market appropriately, your app will get buried on the rankings. And people are not scrolling through hundreds of apps per keyword search. Even if your app is valuable, low rankings will lead to low perceptions.

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