Finalist Q&A: Luhrs Media Co.

Luhrs Media Co. creates the easy-to-use, fun ColorCode ModeTM Journals to help people of all fitness levels color their way to healthier habits.

Finalist Q&A: I Go Coo

I Go Coo creates products that engage infants and toddlers in developmental thinking and activities. Their products inspire learning through intuitive play and innovative design. Their first product to market will be an accordion-style book, designed to unfold and stand on its own so babies can enjoy it during tummy time.

Finalist Q&A: Fresh ID

This finalist offers branding and design of companies & software applications, with an emphasis on the overall user experience. Fresh ID will try to provide many other people--from work- at-home mom's with some graphic ability, to already successful freelancers, with a source of work and a community to belong to.


Finalist Q&A: Transformation Underground

Transformation Underground is a mother and daughter collaborative effort to bring about positive change, following a "pay it forward" concept. They have created PASS IT ON CARDS-- a set of 5 cards that come in a deck. Each card embodies a positive quality, such as generosity, compassion, or kindness.

Finalist Q&A: Fairy Tale Memories

This finalist makes cards and mails them out automatically on dates specified. The service is great for those that are deployed in the Military; all they need to do is pick out cards they want mailed, give Fairy Tale Memories the addresses and dates for them to be sent and the company will mail them to the people they want.

Finalist Q&A: Remote News Service

Lesley Lotto is a veteran radio broadcaster who saw a need in small to medium sized markets for quality news (not rip and read), provided by broadcast journalists with college degrees! Her company provides news and host music and/or talk programming at dramatically reduced rates.

Finalist Q&A: padma media and marketing

padma media and marketing creates strategic marketing and communications initiatives that target ethnic consumers, including bilingual and bicultural Hispanics and South Asians.

Finalist Q&A: elixer coffee solutions

elixer coffee provides the community with a unique platform and destination to get the finest coffee and italian based beverages. They operate a retrofitted 1952 Studebaker truck with a fully equipped espresso bar on the back. It is a classic marriage of Americana with the outdoor cafe feel of Europe. They say they are strongly committed to sustainable practices throughout our business and educating consumers of better choices.


Finalist Q&A: CTC Innovations

CTC Innovations creates and sells products that help busy families and people. They have created a product called My Healthy Eating Chart for use by adults or to help adults teach children how to eat a balanced diet based on the USDA Food Pyramid Guidelines.


Finalist Q&A: Heron Aerospace

Heron Aerospace is a company that offers aerial and technical imaging and analysis, technical consulting, and educational services. Their finalist profile is available here.


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