Amazon Marketing: 8 Easy Ways to Quickly Get 5-Star Reviews

As you know, reviews are crucial to a product's success in Amazon. They serve as modern word-of-mouth and has a tremendous effect on how a business can be perceived.


In fact, a study shows that 79 percent trust online reviews as they would trust personal recommendations. Furthermore, 73 percent say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more.

The Importance of CRM in Real Estate Business

If you’re planning to become a real estate agent or broker, then you’ll definitely benefit from Real Estate CRM. This is customer relationship management software designed for agents and brokers alike, which can manage, attract, and retain your clients. Beyond customer relationships, CRM is able to do even MORE for you!

Shaping Your 2020 Brand Strategy with the Best Email Marketing Trends

From simplified content to mobile optimization, to email’s persistent position as one of the most consistent and trusted communication channels to marketers and the advent of AI, you need to channelize a few email marketing trends to build your business strategy.

  • Outside in the marketing world, things are pretty unpredictable. However, with the volume of data you have at your fingertips, it has become a lot easier to know which technologies, tactics, and tools are working.
  • Facing the booming viability of social media, email continues to provide a distinct cluster of advantages that other media sources/streams still struggle to compete with.

Understanding the Chargeback Process To Protect & Manage Your Businesses’ Finances

Proper accounting and cash flow management is critical for both big and small business owners. This seems obvious enough, but when we move from accounts receivable into the world of refunds and chargebacks, the water can begin to get muddy, and it can be more difficult to keep track of where you stand. The first action to take towards fixing and preventing the problems this can cause is to understand what chargebacks are, and what to expect when you are presented with one.


A Complete Guide to Link Building for Increased and Quality Links

Do you want to grab the top spot in organic search? If yes, you need more quality links than ever. You know that the search engine giant Google has mentioned that link building is one of the top three ranking parameters. You need to build relevant links and not spammy ones. When it comes to quality links, it helps in increasing the overall reliability and authority of your website. Did you know your web pages rich in relevant link juice to numerous pieces of informative content help in improving domain-wide rankings in due course of time?

Five Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Read ‘em and succeed (or listen, as you prefer). These are my top five go-to — and go back to — books for all things entrepreneurial.

The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

You know a book hits home when you buy it three times. Ebook, print, or audio, Ben Horowitz’ The Hard Thing about Hard Things is at the top of my list of entrepreneurial must-reads. 

How to Find the First Office Space for Your Startup

Finding a proper office space is quite a challenge even for an experienced company, let alone a startup. Before you start looking at office spaces, you should decide what you actually need. There are many factors to be taken into consideration. So much is at stake, but you shouldn't rush it. Start by considering your budget and your needs. Here are some tips that may help you find the first office space for your startup.

Tips for Getting an SBA Loan for Your Startup

The Small Business Administration backs loans to small businesses, and while they can be a big help to your startup, understanding all the different kinds of loans available and the requirements can be overwhelming. Whatever type of loan you are considering, there are several steps you can take to increase the likelihood of approval.

5 Foolproof Marketing Tips To Get Your Business Up And Running

You may have the most perfect line of products and services, but if you aren't capturing the attention of your target audience, you may miss the mark week after week. Knowing how to market your business can mean the difference between staying stagnant and growing it to its truest potential. Here are five foolproof marketing tips to help you exceed your financial goals.

Tips To Build Financial Stability In Your Small Business

The financial stability of a business is an invaluable aspect of any venture. It makes the difference between a company that can take advantage of new opportunities and one that forgoes. Also, a financially stable business can handle potential downturns and earn profits without cutting back on costs.

Being financially stable means that your business is not overly reliant on debt, uses its assets efficiently, and has a healthy profit margin on sales. It should have a desirable number of repeat customers that provide steady revenue and has an emergency fund it can rely on during financial difficulty.

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