Advanced Blogging Tips – How a Blog Can Be Used to Supplement Your Marketing Efforts

There are many successful marketers now using blogs to supercharge their contents and thereby attracting more subscribers. Do you want to do the same? Successfully implementing innovative blogging strategies can yield impressive results for a business. If you are new to blogging, or have not had any luck with it in the past, here are some smart tips that will help you redefine your content marketing strategies and thereby giving a boost to your overall online marketing efforts.

Tip 1: Plan the content creation wisely

Blogging is not a difficult affair as you may find tips on creating a blog fast and easy. However, to reap the desired results, bloggers need to build expertise on a specific niche. For this, they need to put in more thought and effort into it. There are two distinct parts to achieve this goal.

            1. Firstly, you have to understand the target group (the daily visitors) of your blog, and what their preferences are. The content ideas should come from the real-life needs and concerns of this target group.

            2. Next, you should be keen to develop the before and after avatars. Before avatar actually represents who the readers are, and the after avatar refers to who the writer wants the readers to become. This is an insightful approach that will make your blogs more meaningful.

Say for example, people may first search and find your blog that offers tips on digital photography basics, when they (the readers) don’t know how to make use of their digital cameras to the fullest. However, the above-mentioned “after” readers may have gained enough knowledge about the basics. So, next you need to think of their advanced needs and effectively pitch in with what you have got to offer.

Tip 2: Develop a winning editorial strategy

There are 7 elements that you need to closely work through to keep a winning editorial strategy.

  • The voice: Determine the theme of your blog. Is it more of storytelling, discussion, or teaching?
  • Evergreen vs. situational content: Even though evergreen is weighed more, the other should also be served with a 60:40 ratio.
  • Intent: There should be a mix of informative, inspirational, educational, and interactive content.
  • Format: Plan for a mix of editorials, reviews, news, opinion pieces, research findings, and case studies.
  • Authorship: Ensure that you win to get a fair number of high-value random authors with guest posts on your multi-author blog.
  • Frequency: Depending on the flow of visitors to your blog, once a day to five posts a week may be an ideal frequency.
  • Standalone/series:  Standalone may have a higher acceptance as a beginner, but once upon getting established, you may have the influence to make people wait for the next part of your article series.

There are many new winning strategies as mentioned above that can be adopted by the new-age bloggers to gain more leads and enquiries for their business. There are many blogging platforms that marketers can use, and by implementing various promotional strategies, they can make it reach their target group effectively.

Many of the entrepreneurs still consider blogs as a medium to communicate with the existing customers or to share generic information. However, along with serving this purpose, blogs are identified to be very effective platforms for business promotions if used effectively.

About the author

Charlie Brown is a marketing manager greatly familiar with digital templates by He is a typical overachiever with a passion for getting the job done right and bringing his team’s visions into reality. 


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