Air or Sea: The Best Shipping Method for Your Biz

Exportation of your goods or traveling for business meetings revolves majorly around international Shipping. Majorly, air and sea forms of transport are at the top in these endeavors. Choosing the right way of transportation that suits your customers and business should be a priority.

What is Air Cargo?

Some refer to it as Air Freight Services. It generally means exporting goods via planes. Most exporters prefer using Air when you have to meet delivery dates that are almost due (short). It is by far the fastest compared to the use of ocean shipping. However, it is not cost-friendly.

Merits of Air Cargo

            Reliable and fast

            You can send goods to any part of the world.

            Insurance premiums are relatively low.

            Security of goods is guaranteed.

            The packaging doesn't entail a lot of details.

            You can keep track of your cargo.

What is Sea Shipping?

As the word suggests, this involves the shipping of goods worldwide using the sea. Additionally, a specialist company in Shipping is customarily used. Typically, packaging goods in shipping containers are the norm. You are required to book some space on a cargo ship or an entire container that headed to your intended delivery point.

Merits of Ocean Shipping

            Suitable for internal and bulky Shipping

            It is cost-effective compared to Air Cargo.

            Preferable in case of high quantity of goods

What to Consider before Choosing either Air or Sea Shipping

Before you pick on any of the two, please take into consideration the following;


1.International Exportation Cost

As much as Air Freight might be safe and efficient, it is, however, expensive in comparison to exporting using Sea Freight. Also, for you to choose what is right for your company, have in mind the number of goods for exportation.


Further, how bulky the goods are, the total value of your goods and packaging are essential too. Remember that the cost of exportation depends on its weight, your industry, the type of goods, and the size. Because of these factors, it would be a wise decision for medium and small business that engages in bulky goods to opt for sea shipping. Making this decision is right financially.


However, for high volume, low weight, and high-value orders, you may think of considering Air Shipping. By doing this, valuable goods are protected, and you are assured of delivery internationally within the shortest time possible.

2. Speed and Time

We have already mentioned that air shipping is the fastest form to export your cargo internationally. In case your delivery is time-sensitive, recommending air shipping to your client and making them understand the financial implications is advised.


But if speed and time are not a bother to your customer, choosing sea shipping could a welcome idea considering the pricing. You expect the delivery of your goods to take a maximum of 48 hours if you were to use a plane. However, by the ocean, your order is likely to take several weeks.


Additionally, consider making your client aware of your shipping option and any expected delays, especially for overseas deliveries.

3. How reliable is it?

Reliability in business is crucial for both the buyers and exporters. Considering the reliability of either Air or sea before picking it for your deliveries is necessary. Challenges at the customs, delays, bad reviews from your clients, cancellations are likely to cause nightmares to export companies.


It would be a good thing for your business to avoid such unprecedented issues when doing international Shipping if you choose a reliable shipping company. Further, note that in terms of reliability, air freight rates high above compared to sea freight. Unprecedented occurrences and weather are likely to delay the delivery of your orders.

4. International shipping effect on the environment

Consider the impact of the transportation method you are choosing for shipment on the environment. Being eco-friendly conscious will help you in reducing waste and saving the planet. Also, you stand a chance of attracting more clients who are environmentally friendly.


Emissions from sea freight, are lower; however, the spilling of oil from cargo ships affect the delicate ecosystems significantly. Therefore, look at the pros and cons of both before choosing any of them, either sea or air freights.

In Summary

As a business owner who values their longevity in the business, considering and making the right decisions for your shipments is worth doing. You stand a chance to maintain your clients by delivering on time as per their expectations. Additionally, making the right decisions concerning the exportation of goods, helps you gain financially instead of losses that are a result of wrong shipment decisions.


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