Anik Singal: Find Success in the Face of Failure

“When life pushes you, stand straight, smile and push it the heck back.” This quote by Anik Singal in many ways describes the path that an entrepreneur must take to get to their promised land. Most entrepreneurs are in many way like Singal and are trying to find ways of turning things that they are passionate about into profitable business. However, not all entrepreneurs get to rise to the revered heights that only a few enjoy. Sometimes, it all comes down to an idea that wasn’t as good as the entrepreneur thought but in many cases, it’s how the entrepreneurs react to the challenges they meet that determines whether or not they make it.

In it for the Long haul

It’s easy to only see the high points of an entrepreneur’s life. What most people, including budding entrepreneurs, don’t realize is that sometimes it takes months or years of hard work to become an overnight success. Anik Singal’s story makes a very good argument for this. For 18 months, he worked tirelessly on a way of earning a living through his business. In those many months he didn’t earn a single dollar!

To many people, this is quite shocking. A month of working on something without earning anything is more than enough proof for many people that whatever they are doing won’t work. However, many successful entrepreneurs’ early lives are characterized by long periods during which their ventures took more than they returned. This period without any success is however one of the most important that an entrepreneur will ever face. It’s in these moments that lack success that entrepreneurs will use to define and refine formulas for successes that may serve them for the rest of their lives.

Anik Singal’s breakthrough moment came when his earnings went from 0 to 330 dollars in just one day. Finally, his formula for success had started to take shape. The rest of the story moves from success to success including being named in many publications such as BusinessWeek.

After the Success

Success is not a straightforward path and even Anik Singal faced his fair share of challenges such as being 1.7 million dollars in debt. However, once an entrepreneur has known that he has what it takes to get to where he wants to be, no challenge is ever too great. Anik Singal’s ventures currently help to bring in millions of dollars every year and he helps in many philanthropic efforts around the world.

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