December, 2010

How Your Phone System Can Benefit Your Business

Looking internally at the decisions you make every day is a good way to compare and contrast what is effective. There are some things in a business which tend to be taken for granted as they are simply a part of the business landscape even though they can be a major player in the way you do business. One of the often overlooked pieces necessary to all businesses is the telephone.

3 Steps to Smart Goal Setting

Smart goal setting starts with learning not to set yourself for failure. You may have all the ambition in the world but if your goals are not achievable or otherwise beyond your reach you will experience much frustration. The danger in this is not only the wasted time and effort but also that you may be discouraged from setting goals in the future and that would be a terrible shame.

How to Move Away from the Wage Mindset

The wage mindset stopping the entrepreneurial spirit.

This post is all about the entrepreneurial spirit we have inside us and the biggest obstacle we face in trying to unleash it. I think I’m like most people, in that from an early age my parents told me study hard, get a good job, work 40 hours a week, and pick up your wage at the end of the week. What they didn’t tell me was to wash rinse and repeat this process for the next 40 years and then finally retire at 65 .

Taking a Closer Look at the Legality of Biometric Time Clocks

Many companies have already made the switch from a regular time clock to at least a card based time and attendance system. Some companies have even gone the extra step to utilize biometric time clocks instead. The reason for the switch is to make sure that there are fewer problems with the amount of hours employees are supposed to be working as opposed to what they are being paid.

Voting deadline for grant winner extended

The voting deadline for the 10th Idea Cafe Grant was extended till the end of 2010. This way the campaign will continue into the new year, and we will announce the winner in the first half of January 2011.

Yet another exciting news
It seems there will be more presents under the tree this year because for that grant only, we will give away additional prizes:

Facebook to Roll Out A New Profile Page

Facebook is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds and keeping this social networking giant interesting and fresh is one of its priorities.  On December 5, it was announced that FaceBook will now offer a spruced up new profile page giving users a cleaner interface and offering a better way for users to present themselves to this digital community.  Here are just a few key points regarding the new profile which is now available to all u

Myth Buster: Factoring Is Too Expensive?

One of the many myths surrounding the factoring industry is that factoring is simply too expensive to be considered a viable commercial financing option for the average small business. The biggest mistake with this thinking is that more attention is paid to calculating a factoring “interest rate” rather than answering the simple question, “Will factoring work?”

A Small Business' Plight In Whether Or Not We Should Accept Credit Cards

If you plan on reading this to help you make a decision whether or not your small business should accept credit cards, read no further, because we don’t know either. This blog post is to express our indecision whether or not the All-American Fencing Academy, as a small business, should accept credit cards.

Six Resolutions that will Grow Your Small-Mid Sized Business in 2011

It's almost the end of a business year and the beginning of another. And, as the old saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results. If you want better business results, especially in a slow-growth economy, you'll need to adoptsome fresh new resolutions.

How to Maintain Security Even When Not in the Office

Small businesses are at a loss as to what to do in order to prevent theft from both the thieves trying to break into their location as well as from employees. It seems there is a need to constantly watch over the property. Seeing as you have other things to do other than stay at work all day, it becomes necessary to find other ways to keep an eye on the place.