January, 2011

To Rank Well in Google - Follow Google's Guidelines & Utilize Its Resources

When it comes to search engine optimization and search engine marketing, Google is definitely the site most professionals are trying to attract attention from.  With the vast majority of the population using Google's search engine and vast array of other services to find information, research products & services and ultimately make purchases, there is no doubt that Google absolutely has a big say on whether a business or site succeeds on the w

Your Business Website: What's the Bottom Line?

As well over 90% of people now turn to the Internet as their primary information source, it's crucial to your bottom line to ensure that your Web presence is as effective as possible.

Yet 95% of the more than 5,000 Websites that I've reviewed since 1995 were leaving money on the table, sometimes a lot of it - and often in ways that could be easily avoided or rectified.

Get Schooled On Your Business – Giving Back To Your Community

I’ve been pretty humorous with a dash of seriousness in my previous posts, but this post is slightly leaning more to the serious side. So if you’re looking for something more humorous, feel free to take the exit now.

What I plan to talk about your business giving back to the community, and I’ll focus mostly on our local education, Kindergarten through 12th grade. I understand there are a variety of choices out there for students and families. Some families choose to send their children to private schools or to charter schools, but I won’t be talking about that. I’m talking about public schools.

Custom Flipz is the Winner of the Idea Cafe’s 10th Small Business Grant

We take pleasure in announcing that Correda Rizer, the owner of Custom Flipz, is the recipient of the 10th Small Business Grant. With her impressive enthusiasm for providing affordable housing with a "custom" fit that accomates people of all financial backgrounds, she impressed our regulars and stood out amongst many other small business owners. Congratulations on her well-deserved win.

Maximize Customer Service Starting with Clarity

There are many parts about maintaining contact with your clients which seems to be very obvious. One of the things which should be more obvious is the necessity of using clear communication with those who call your business. It is important not only in the equipment that you are using. It is also highly important in the people who are engaged in the communication.

Why Small Business Success Eludes Many Entrepreneurs

Even though working online offers few barriers in terms of cost for aspiring entrepreneurs many people still struggle with achieving small business success. You would think with all the internet business opportunities availability that more people would find success online but sadly this is not the case. What is it that seemingly makes it so difficult for the internet business entrepreneur to reach their goals of finding success online in their chosen niche?

Grow Your Local Business with Google Boost

When it comes to advertising on the web, you'll be hard pressed to find a service better for the average web business than Google's PayPerClick AdWords. Google has revolutionized the way web users and web sites connect - making it not only relatively affordable for just about any business on the web to attract views (impressions), but also level the playing field against huge corporations in many ways.

An Update On The All-American Fencing Academy

In the past, I've done several articles about tips and tricks that our small business has been using, so let me take a step away from that theme and just give an update about how my small business is doing and where we are.

A quick recap, the All-American Fencing Academy provides instruction and training for beginning/new, advanced, recreational and competitive fencers. The All-American Fencing Academy aims to introduce fencing to youth, teens and adults interested in starting a new hobby and physical activity as well as training competitors to compete at the state and national level.

The (R)evolution of Factoring

Factoring was a hot topic at the Annual Conference of the Association of Financial Professionals this past November in San Antonio, Texas. Sarsha Adrian, a senior consultant with Graber Associates, led a lively discussion on what she calls “the (r)evolution of factoring” over the past couple of years.

“Factoring has evolved considerably, especially over the last 18 months or so, and there are many nuances you need to understand,” notes Adrian. “Factoring today is far more than just selling invoices at a discount.”