April, 2011

Custom Flipz - Putting the Idea Cafe grant win to work!

Editor Note: As a rule, all Idea Cafe grant winners provide monthly reports on how their business is doing since winning Idea Cafe's Grant. Here is the first update from Correda Rizer, the owner of Custom Flipz. Enjoy reading, and don't miss out on the opportunity to be inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit and business wisdom.

Alternative Financing Can Help Offset Cash Flow. Challenges Presented By Slow-Paying Customers

moneyThe statistics may say that the U.S. economy is out of recession, but many small and mid-sized business owners will tell you that they’re not seeing a particularly robust recovery, at least not yet.

There are various reasons for the slow pace of recovery among small businesses, but one is becoming increasingly apparent: A lack of cash flow caused by longer payment terms instituted by their vendors. Dealing with slow-paying customers is nothing new for many small businesses, but the problem is exacerbated in today’s sluggish economy and tight credit environment.

Business Plans Are Not What You Think

Having helped thousands of entrepreneurs start, grow and sell their businesses, I’ve found many misconceptions regarding what a business plan is, why you need to create one, and what are the elements of a great plan. 

So, in this post, I will clarify the keys to business planning so you can be more successful.

Is It Time For You To Start A New Business?

Expert Reveals Tips for Launching Your Start-up Right

Cynthia Kocialski loves start-up companies. “I love start-ups and all the wonderful gizmos and gadgets they make,” said Kocialski, a veteran of three start-ups and author of Startup from the Ground Up (www.cynthiakocialski.com). “The problem is that most of these wonderful things never make it because the entrepreneur is in love with the technology, and they lack an understanding of the technology business. It’s one thing to develop a new gadget or piece of software that does something cool, but entrepreneurs need to ask themselves if it actually solves a problem. Cool doesn’t sell. Meeting the needs of consumers and businesses does. In the final equation, it is the business of technology that determines the ultimate success or failure of the product.”

Grow a Business Faster With List Building

Online there are many suggested ways in which to grow a business but one of the most time tested and proven strategies is to build a list. Regardless of what your business goals may be list building is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies you can use for long term growth and profitability!

Here are 5 very compelling advantages you will enjoy when you build a list of people who have already shown an interest in what you do or promote.

5 Tips To Increase Small Businesses Survival Rate

Statistics vary from country to country but the fact is that the survival rate of small businesses in their first three years of operation is an alarming figure. According to the UK Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform about 71 percent of small business start-ups make it through their third year. In the USA this figure is around 65 percent while in Canada statistics show a 20 percent survival rate after the first three years.

Real Estate Investing Has Changed… Have You?

The real estate market has been and probably always will be complicated for several reasons such as the role the economy plays in peoples financial life as far as making decisions, job security even relationship status. All of these things have a great impact on how people will spend their money, and when and if they are willing to purchase homes and make other major financial obligations.

Personality Traits That Hinder Online Success

There are many variables that will contribute to or hinder your online success. Becoming comfortable with operating an internet marketing business concerns more than simply any technicalities involved. One of the biggest factors that can influence your marketing success is your own personality. Yup, even on the internet how you act, react or simply view the world can have an impact on how successful online you actually become

10 Ways to Get the Money You Need Every Time!

I know the biggest objection I hear from people working with me is, "I would love to, but I don't have the money". AND I know it is the biggest struggle you have when landing clients, as well. Out of all the objections for people to get the help, support, coaching, or healing they need, money is the biggest. I have spent years working on this and finding ways to coach people into reality. The reality is two things:

The One Man Band, Life of a Freelancer

Freelancing.  Why do it?  What’s the benefit?  Well, for starters, you can sleep in as late as you want, and wear pajamas all day if you honestly wanted to.  I think this scenario is what initially attracts people to freelancing.  You get to be the boss, and do things on your own terms—but is this true in reality?