August, 2011

Facebook Marketing Done The Right Way

Facebook marketing refers to the use of this popular social networking site to create ads that target a specific audience. Increasingly, this is becoming not only a wanted, but a necessary step to recognition and continual profits. As a social networking site, this site is not only popular now, but adds hundreds of new potential consumers daily, all while showing no sign of diminishing or slowing growth. Learn more in the paragraphs below.

How Promotional Marketing Products Can Be Your Important Partner in Increasing Customer Loyalty

Distributing promotional marketing products is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your brand and increase customer loyalty towards your business.  It has been proven time and again that by giving more to your customers, you also gain much.  This is especially true when what you have give products of value.

How Does Promotional Products Work

Is it Good Business to Begin a Company in a Bad Economy?

If you have been thinking about starting a new business, perhaps you are feeling like now is not the time given the economic pressures many countries continues to face. Then again, you may think what the heck.

For individuals who have been laid off, been out of work for some time, have a job but wanted to open a business, etc. now may actually be a great time to roll up their sleeves and dive right in.

The Fight in Washington, D.C. and Its Impact on Small Businesses

As the politicians fought recently for what seemed like an eternity over raising the debt ceiling, the true impact was being felt nationwide by both small business owners and those who cannot find work.

Given that many Americans either cannot grasp or chose not to look at the trillions of dollars making up the federal debt, they likely felt that this was just more political wrangling taking place on both sides of the aisle. Well, it is much more than just defaulting on a debt.

Some Useful Mobile Applications For Small Business Entrepreneurs

To pick a handful of mobile applications for businessmen from the thousands of effective, entertaining, utilitarian and amazing apps is definitely a daunting and an almost impossible task. But we still have to make it simpler for you by choosing some of the best business apps. Here’s the list:

As the name suggests it helps you take note of everything you feel important or even slightly useful. A business idea strikes you; key it in Evernote, it is automatically processed, indexed and made searchable, later you can add tags and get the best out of your small yet powerful idea. You can click pictures, clip a webpage and store it, you can sync your files to your computer, and it has an online backup facility and lots more. Just use it to know the benefits.

Successfully Outsourcing Virtual Assistant Services

The objective of most webmasters is to improve search engine ranking positions, increase traffic, and generate leads at a low cost.  There are wide ranges of ways to improve your ranking on search engines and generate the amount of business leads you need to grow your business.

Optimizing your web strategy is a time consuming and arduous process, and can divert your attention away from your core business practices.  As a result, many business owners, webmasters, and domainers choose to hire virtual assistants from offshore call centers to do their dirty work.  

The Difference Between Venture Capital and Working Capital Why Knowing the Difference Can Help Your Business Survive

It is not uncommon for business owners suffering through a cash flow crunch to determine that bringing on an equity partner or investor, such as a venture capitalist or angel investor, will solve all their problems. Unfortunately, during my 28 years in the alternative business finance industry, I have seen many businesses fail due to this kind of thinking.

Infographic: What Are You Doing When New Ideas Happen?

Dane Carlson from, took a survey about what people are normally doing when new ideas strike and made an infographic of the results. He asked the readers: “Where Do You Get New Ideas?” and received tons of emails with their answers. And perhaps not surprisingly, the number one response is "In the shower!" Do you agree with this?

Build Your Business By Stepping Back

The internet offers a person the opportunity to build your business in an affordable manner and relatively quickly as well! It is all too common for the typical internet entrepreneur however to miss or overlook certain growth opportunities due to their busy schedule! You see there is much to be learned by simply taking the time to contemplate what has transpired and how it may contribute to building your business!

Recent Budget Crisis Creating Economic Anxiety

The recent budget crisis catapulted us into this week’s stock market turmoil and reaffirms the consequences of ignoring Sir Francis Bacon’s 400 year old words, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Those sage words were echoed during FDR’s inaugural speech and still ring true today. We clearly see how the fear of future failures and potential losses drives down expectations so we operate from a place of weakness instead of strength.