December, 2011

Make Sure Your Small Business isn’t Behind on Workers Comp Coverage

It just takes one incident in your workplace to change your financial future for years to come. For those small businesses who try and skirt the laws regarding workers compensation insurance, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Whether you are preparing to open a small business or have one already underway, the importance of having the proper workers comp coverage cannot be emphasized enough.

Grant winner's update: developing new products

Well, we made it through another Black Friday sale.  It was a busy week, but successful and very well worth it.  We increased sales and also took advantage of a few ourselves.  I hope you all received some great deals as well, but more importantly I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving with your friends and loved ones.

10 Small Business Twitter Accounts You Should Know (and follow!)

As Twitter gains momentum (and active users) it can become more and more difficult to weed out the best handles to follow. Some are spam handles, some share off-topic news, but some are gems! Today, Wasp Barcode Technologies has sorted through some of the more popular accounts, and we’re sharing with you our top ten twitter accounts relevant to small businesses.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Company’s Printed T-Shirts

In this day and age, marketing and advertising plays a huge part in any business. Being innovative is key in any strategy to raise public awareness of your brand, as simple billboard advertisements won’t cut it on their own. One way to publicise your company or brand is through the use of printed t-shirts.

Mobile Credit Card Processing: A Rising Trend

Mobile card processing, a type of mobile payment transaction, is leading the new wave of technology dedicated to faster, easier and more secure credit card transactions. These types of payment transactions are also easier and more profitable for a small business owner. The more payment methods a business can accept, the larger potential customer base can be reached.

Selling Into the U.S.A. Easier Than You Think

Have you considered the potential benefits of exporting your company’s products or services into the United States? If not, you may be neglecting the largest, richest and most responsive market in the world.

Jim Pettinger, the president of International Market Access, Inc., which helps Canadian companies export into the U.S., believes that many Canadian small business owners and entrepreneurs are either confused or intimidated when they hear the words ‘export’ or ‘international trade.’

Five Vital Small Business Strategies

With a thunderstorm of different economic problems raining down on any small business owner, it can be tougher than ever for your business to survive. The question I get most often is "How can I better my circumstance?" To be short and sweet, you have to take things one step at a time, be brutally honest, know your limits, keep a positive attitude, and simplify the business equation.

Small Business Start Up Tips

The loss of jobs due to a recession generates large numbers of talented but inexperienced entrepreneurs who can benefit from small business start up tips. In response to this particularly severe economic downturn, many Americans are not pursuing replacement jobs. Instead they are evaluating the marketplace to find new businesses that can succeed in this economy. The marketplace has stumbled, but it is still alive and with plenty of room for new companies. For prospective entrepreneurs who have identified a gap in the market, we recommend several start up tips for new small businesses.

What Are 3 of the Most Agile Companies in America?

Former Corporate Manager Reveals Which Companies Can Turn on a Dime

Companies that lack agility can’t compete.  Agility is the bottom-line competitive advantage in these days of unprecedented turbulence, uncertainty and volatility.

As a Woman, Make 2012 the Year You Break Free in the Business World

With the New Year just a couple of weeks away, have you thought about where your career is going?

For many women, 2012 could be the year they break out and go into business for themselves.