February, 2012

The Purpose of Dyno Tuning

One of the services we offer here at Horsepower Inc. is dyno tuning.  Eric Henderson is our certified DynoJet tuner, and is very good at what he does.  Eric tunes anything from motorcycles, choppers (as long as they fit on the dyno), sport bikes, and even the occasional ATV or UTV.  We have been asked to tune scooters, snowmobiles, and even street vehicles in the past, but we try to steer away from anything that isn’t strictly a performance tune.  Plus Eric’s time is also valuable to our machining department as he is the head production manager.

Current Trends in Working Capital Management

Flash back almost three years ago, to the “technical” end of the Great Recession in June of 2009. The depth of the financial crisis was just beginning to be felt, and banks were tightening the reins on credit, which resulted in a credit crunch that made it nearly impossible for many businesses to obtain the capital they needed to grow, much less keep their operations going.

In this environment, cash conservation became the name of the game for many CFOs. To try to squeeze more cash out of their supply chains, businesses focused on tightening collection of receivables, stretching out their payables and reducing inventory.

The Role of On-Page Content in SEO Strategies

Many SEO developers have made a habit of focusing on keywords over the years and while relevant, useful keywords are an integral part of a search engine optimization campaign, some of those developers have not seen a great increase in traffic.  Users care about more than just keywords; they care about content.  Search engines care about content, too.  Any website expecting results based on keywords alone is likely to see little success.  Content is crucial and should never be underutilized.

Make It Your Business to Move Career in the Right Direction

Whether you are still chasing your ideal career under someone’s employ or you are considering or just recently opened your own small business, a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to the report, a number of fields will be holding the bulk of the job opportunities between now and 2020.

5 Tips to Guide Your Small Business Success

Small business success is the dream of countless many who aspire to take more control of the direction of their lives! The internet has made it possible to build a money making business on a shoe string budget however your online success is still dependent upon the thought and effort you invest! Let's have a closer look at 5 things you'll need to do in order to achieve financial freedom as an internet entrepreneur!

Business Ideas to Avoid

Have you ever thought up an idea so brilliant, you checked it out online to be sure someone else had not thought of it first? There are plenty of innovators working hard to bring us some truly great products and services these days, so it can be tempting to want to share that bit of spotlight for your brilliance. However, some ideas should never even be thought about more than once, much less carried out. If anyone were to spend money on developing these ideas, it would be total chaos.

Six business improvement ideas you can implement today!

Sometimes consultants get a bad reputation for making things more complicated than they need to be. We turn people away when we don't put process improvement tools in layman's terms that anyone can understand.

I was reminded of this when working with a small family restaurant recently. If I mentioned standard work, theory of constraints, 5-S, kanban, or PDCA, I would have been escorted out the door. They aren't used to hearing these terms, like some of our larger manufacturing clients are.

10 Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

Nothing happens in business until a sale is made. Marketing is simply about getting new customers and keeping them. If you're not doing something everyday to market and promote your business, your competitors are. Here are ten easy-to-implement tips to effectively market and grow your business:

1. Partner with large email database list owners and offer to cross promote each other. The list owner will advertise your event, product, or service to their email database and you'll offer to do the same to your list.

Press Release Writing Tips And Ideas For Online Business

This fascinating thrill ride is filled with all the twists and turns of good information, so be sure to hold on for this bumpy ride! For now we'll talk a little bit regarding press release writing that is the hot subject for readers and for the others.

Press releases аre one оf the most cost-effective ways tо get promotion fоr yоur online business. Many entrepreneurs ignоre thiѕ type оf promotion because they dоn't know how tо write a press release (PR). It's impоrtant tо promote yоur online business wіth PR because оf the media all over the internet. The following iѕ a liѕt оf some common press release writing tips:

Successful Women in Male Dominated Businesses

Women in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as the v-twin industry, are rare but success is possible as women are proving.  For seven years, Mary Jo Light operated a successful daycare center after graduating from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Elementary Education.  She then decided to run for a local school board position, and to own and operate her own state licensed day care facility.  Her center provided early learning and educational assistance for school age children where she had 62 students revolve through her program.