April, 2012

Business Failures: They Don't Have to Happen

About half of all new businesses started in the U.S. will be out of business within five years. Or in other words, the long-term success rate for U.S. businesses is only about 50 percent.

But how often do business failures go unnoticed? The fact is, most business failures are noticed, but they’re ignored. It’s kind of like the hidden camera TV shows where bystanders witness something uncomfortable, like an old guy who ran out of gas and is trying to push his car, but nobody actually gives him a hand.

What Makes a Product Great?

The people behind the product is what makes a product great.  I believe if the people behind their product are passionate and believe in the product themselves, it will show.  If you personally invest your time and energy into something to make it great, it is sure to be a success.  It’s all about doing something you love, standing behind it, and believing in it.  It is important to have customers, fans and followers who also want to be involved in your products, experience your services, and tell other people to do the same.

How to Build a Better Mousetrap with Social Media

Ever play the game Mouse Trap? The goal is to build a contraption that’s set into motion when a player turns a crank. The crank spins gears that push a lever that smacks a boot that kicks a bucket that spills a marble that rolls down a chute, hits a pole … well, you get the idea.

Sub-Group Brand Politics

The elections are approaching.  That means we'll be confronted with loads of copy related to strategies, momentum, and trial-error successes.  A recent glance at the Wall Street Journal elicits news of the 'GOP' trying to 'Woo Hispanics.'  Obviously, particular parties recognize the population is segmented into smaller cultures and sub groups, just like brand consumers.

3 Dangers of Procrastination When Building Your Business

On the internet when you are building your business your actions must be swift and calculated just to be competitive! It is therefore mandatory to stop procrastinating when confronted with any tasks you find unappealing or your business online will surely suffer! The internet environment is essentially a turbulence of change and any hesitation of your part can in fact cost you money! Procrastination is a way of voluntarily creating distractions that can easily lead to your failure if you're not careful!

Successful Facebook Marketing Tips

Promoting the brand on this social network platform attracts an eye of number of users who are either actually looking for services or just using for their own personal interest; the either way the main concern is to attract the attention of the user. Such promotion of a brand using Facebook, to increase the popularity is called as Facebook Marketing.

Is the Labor Market Working Toward a Comeback?

There have been visible signs of an economic recovery, at least in the Twitter streams.  Last week, I spotted several companies sending messages of incipient 'talent' searches, new-hire opportunities.  Is the online marketing community representative of the larger labor market?  A Wall Street Journal article gives some numbers to convince you one way or the other.

Big Opportunities for Small Businesses

The biggest success a entrepreneur can have when starting a business, is getting a big customer. Small businesses or small suppliers look for big businesses to buy their products, so that businesses have a steady stream of orders to fulfill and make money off. Big companies are starting to realize that there is much to gain by finding a small supplier that is capable of providing the niche products that more and more consumers are looking for. As a result, more and more big businesses are starting to connect more and more with small businesses in order to service the mass consumer market.

10 years and counting

This August marks Horsepower Inc.’s 10 year anniversary.  The company’s beginning dates back to the summer of 2002 when members of their machining crew (Integrated Machine Co.) were utilizing the facility after hours to improve the performance of their fuel injected bikes.  Horsepower Inc. performance products were then born.

What Apps Small Businesses Use Today

Mavenlink, a singular online collaboration tool for the new hybrid workforce, has put together an infographic that highlights top apps small business are using todays.

The graphic provides insight into some revealing trends that can help small businesses identify what is right for their companies.

Hope you will find something of value, you can take away with and use it. Enjoy!