July, 2012

How to Write a Coffee Shop Business Plan

Do you want to open your own coffee shop? First, you will want to create a coffee shop business plan. Your plan will help you get company financing and secure potential business in addition to providing a well-organized path for you to follow when growing your business.

There are multiple benefits to creating this outline. Right from the start, you will have a good idea of what it will cost to launch and operate your coffee shop, how you will get customers and how soon you will be able to turn a profit. Knowing these answers in advance can help you design a profitable business and worry less about what will happen next.

How to Win Business With Small Budget

Having entrepreneurial qualities alone is not enough to keep a business alive. You need an idea, a plan and strategies. Many businesses small and large depend on just a few (usually about two or three) strategies to attract new business. There are many ways to drive growth and new business and it is imperative that business owners or managers become fully aware of these techniques in order to survive as well as stay relevant in the industry. A few of these techniques includes;

Irresistible Pricing That Works For You AND Your Clients

You may not realize it, but each time you eat at a restaurant, you have an opportunity to learn a valuable marketing lesson.

You arrive at the restaurant, are greeted and tell the hostess how many you have in your party. You're then seated and the host offers a well-designed menu. When you read through the menu, you notice appetizers, entrees, beverages and desserts. Yum!

4 Strategies for Startups to Build a Brand on an Appropriate Budget

As a startup, if you were to create a checklist of your primary objectives, it would probably read something like:

Develop products/services. Check.
Attract customers. Check.
Generate a positive cash flow. Check. Check.

Common Pitfalls That Are Killing Your Business (Despite Your Best Efforts)

Love it or hate it, marketing is a necessary part of creating a successful business. If you happen to reside in the "hate it" camp, it could be because you feel like marketing means you have to be pushy, sales-y or fake. We've all had the experience of having someone try to "sell" us and it doesn't feel good.

Preliminary Results for the Third Voting Round Reveals an Extremely Tight Compitition. Only 5 Days Left

The end of the voting which will decide the third monthly winner for the 12th Small Business Cash Grant is fast approaching.  You have one last chance to make a difference and change the picture. The numbers are suggesting the winner, but nothing is decided yet.

Here you can find out more about our finalists business wisdom and plans to reach out and help others in some way.  Visit the voting page (free registration required), and vote for the company you want to see at the top!

Top Time Management Tips

In today’s business environment work schedules are greatly increasing in importance for all employees. Whether you are an executive of a very noteworthy company or an employee of a smaller firm; it is good practice to learn how to appropriately manage your time in order to make your day effective. Often many people have learnt these skills via a management training programme.

Supplier Credit: Why You Want It, How to Get It … and What To Do With It


Many companies struggling with working capital and cash flow challenges are overlooking an ideal source of financing that’s right beneath their nose: supplier credit.

Supplier credit is the payment terms offered by vendors and suppliers to their customers. For example, instead of requiring customers to pay upon delivery of products or services—or in other words, cash on demand (or COD)—a supplier might permit the customer to pay within 30 days. This is commonly known as net-30 payment terms.

Paving the road to a successful affiliate marketing program: An interview with Sergio Fabi from BestMediaPartners.com

As more and more businesses are successfully profiting from affiliate programs, and this field became so competitive, it is always hard to find a good program to start with. In this interview, Sergio Fabi, Marketing Director at BestMediaPartners.com, talks about the success of their B.M.P. Affiliate program which offers some of the highest payouts on the net and what it takes to develop it.  He also shares insights on how to pave the road to affiliate marketing success. Enjoy!

Three Reasons Behind The Use Of Free Mobile Website

There are many different assets a company will take advantage of when trying to maximize its income building potential. Advertising has always represented one of the most powerful resources a business will turn to when trying to contact consumers in order to drive sales. The growth of the Internet has considerably increased the strength of most businesses as they gain immediate access to customers at home and at work. Now the development of smartphone technology has developed new options for companies to take advantage so they will provide access to consumers at any point of time. When you are using the opportunities of mobile technology to expand your business, it shall be wise to recognize as to why you should utilise a free mobile website.