December, 2012

Toll Free Number Opens the Doors for Global Business Opportunities

Every business firm takes a series of steps to deliver the highest quality services to customers and build better relations. It is found that toll numbers are extremely helpful in developing smart client affinity as customers can call you any time and without any cost. Today the business phone choices are really vast as far as 800 numbers are concerned. The growing quantity of prefixes engages bigger combination of alpha and numeric choices. Financial logic is what draws users to add this number to your existing communication network.

SMB Tips to consider that will save money in Q1

As the year comes to an end, many businesses are planning their Q1 calendars and schedules.  They are also looking for ways to cut back on spending and save money. Below are five tips SMBs should consider before the new year:

1. Track assets. Did you know that 64% of businesses conduct manual searches for assets every day? And each of those searches takes approximately 30 minutes or longer to locate an item.

6 Worthy Online Marketing Tools That Will Cost

In order to be successful as an online marketer, you must invest in quality marketing tools that will make you more efficient at your job. Part of your job probably consists of some very repetitive tasks. What if you had a tool at the ready that could complete the tasks you're used to doing by hand, completely automatically? It would make your life a lot easier, right? That's what marketing tools are designed for and if you have an online marketing company, then you'll find the 6 tools below to be worth every penny.

Effectively Managing Customer Relationship over Twitter

It didn’t take long for businesses to figure out how they can leverage on social media to promote their brands, products and services. And while experts say that social networks are not really meant to make sales, these channels are quite effective in building rich and meaningful relationships with a brand’s stakeholders online. And as every social media company knows, strong customer relationship is an important conversion precursor.

Strengthening Your Brand with Promotional Gifts

If you take a break from staring at your screen and have a look at your desk tidy I am almost certain that you will find some pens, pencils and may be even rulers or erasers that have a business’s name or logo on them. And I’m also willing to bet that the business whose brand appears on these items is one that you, or others in your office, buy products or services from. Promotional items like branded stationary might seem inconsequential but they are in fact a brilliant way for brands to get ingrained into a person’s consciousness without them even realising.

Bring Workplace Safety Into Focus: Avoiding Accidents & Lawsuits

Numbers suggest 4 million U.S. workers a day are treated in emergency rooms for broken bones, sprains, cuts and concussions from workplace accidents.

While the workplace has become a safer place over the past years, accidents continue to happen. The latest data from the Department of Labor shows that nearly 3.1 million nonfatal workplace injuries were reported in the private sector in 2010— an equivalent of 3.5 cases per 100 workers. Even more disturbing, the Health Administration (OSHA) reports that 4,690 workers were killed on the job in 2010.

Drive Home the Point of Living in a Protected Environment

When your job is protecting both individuals in their residences and business owners and employees at the workplace, your goal can literally be to alarm them.

Companies in the security business are tasked with coming up with the best products and services that will keep people safe, be it in their homes or while in an office.

Top 10 Actions Small Businesses Take to Stay Competitive

New York –  Change and reinvention are a continuous process for many small business owners as they remain competitive in a tough business climate, according to the Citibank® Small Business Pulse survey. 

Some changes are big – like a product overhaul.  Or they can be small, such as doing additional research or increasing face time with customers.  Nevertheless, the Citibank Small Business Pulse survey revealed specific actions that small business owners take on a regular basis to remain competitive.  They are: 

Are Mobile Payments in Your Game Plan for 2013?

How has your small business done during the last 12 months?

In the event your revenue stream is not quite what you would like it to be, do you offer your customers mobile payments? If the answer is no, will 2013 be the year you give them a shot?

As many small businesses have discovered, offering mobile payments can enhance their company’s ability to increase revenue, have customers stick with them for years to come, and prove you to be a business that is up to speed with today’s consumer.

Is Your Magento Store Ready for Peak Sales Season

Is your Magento store ready to handle peak loads this holiday season? Are you sure it won’t crumble during the busiest shopping days of the year?

If you’re under the impression that your Magento store is already capable of handling high loads, let me tell you that there may be instances of slow performances or server going down. Actually what happens is, people during holiday season spend umpteen numbers of hours online while looking at deals, making researches and of course, shopping. But because of enormous traffic, the website slows down and takes longer in loading pages.