August, 2013

Four Essential Programs To Ensure Business Success

If there is one thing that can be said for American business it's the fact that it works. And it is because of that simple fact that it has been copied and emulated around the world for almost as long as it has existed. Much of the credit for this can be attributed to two attributes of the American business psyche: 1. optimism for the future, and 2, the willingness to adapt and overcome circumstances in order to achieve success.

Four Ways You Can Recover After Getting Injured at Work

Injuries at work occur more often than people think they do. Regardless of how severe an injury is, it must be dealt with as soon as possible. If you have recently been injured on the job, don't attempt to return to work before your injury has been completely healed.

Should Our Company Expand Overseas?

Deciding whether or not to expand your business overseas isn’t a decision you should take lightly.

However, a lot of thought about the potential pros and cons of going global can help you decide if expanding overseas is likely to skyrocket your profit or leave you bankrupt.

Should I Grow My Business?

Warp Speed Growth” author Peter Meyer stated that businesses cannot capture every customer and sale, nor should they want to.

His research showed that only 29 percent of the business market leaders were also some of the most profitable. Which leaves a whopping 71 percent of the business profits in the hands of those businesses who were not on top of their market.

Business Meetings: Five Things to Do to Keep Your Attendees' Attention

Business meetings are notorious for being slow, dull and boring. If you are presenting at a meeting, how do you keep the attention of everyone in the room? It may take some work, but you can use these tips to keep everyone focused the next time your team gets together.

5 Reasons I Should Let My Workers Telecommute

In a business climate that is still fraught with uncertainty, the savvy business owner must look for every way possible to get the job done right at the lowest possible cost.

For many businesses, letting certain employees work from home is a viable way to accomplish both goals with no perceptible degradation of the company’s product or service quality.

Giveaway: Build Your Website For Free

We are extremely happy to announce the beginning of yet another exciting giveaway. Avanquest & Idea Cafe have teamed up to once again lend a helping hand to your business ventures.

It's true that we live in the age of social media but business owners can not over-emphasize the importance of having and maintaining an online presence. Today, your website is often the very first introduction to your business that the consumer will have.

5 Ways To Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

Making your restaurant stand out as a leader in the community is vitally important to the success of your restaurant, whether you're in Los Angeles, CA or Charlotte, NC. If you aren't interested in making your restaurant stand out, then you aren't going to be successful in the long run. There are countless number of restaurants in cities, and you can even find several restaurant options in small towns. The restaurant industry is full of competition, and if you want to win then you must stand out. The following tips are just a few ideas for standing out from the competition.

Signs I Have One or More Employees Stealing From Me

It’s an unfortunate experience, but employee theft does happen.

And, when it comes to small businesses, just one employee stealing funds or goods on a regular basis could mean the difference between being in the black or the red.

Taking unfounded assumptions out of the equation, what are some red flag warning signs that your employees are stealing from your small business?

Why is the Company Newsletter Failing?

According to the 2013 Email Marketing Industry Census from Econsultancy and Adestra Email Marketing, 55% of companies attribute more than 10% of their total sales to email marketing. Since this channel definitely works, it can be frustrating if you're not getting the type of results you want.

Even if you feel that your email newsletter has been stuck in a rut for awhile, the good news is you can improve its performance. The main thing you need to do is identify what's holding it back.