November, 2013

Management decisions are key to business resilience

The Great Recession killed off 170,000 to 200,000 small businesses between 2008 and 2010. Yet, almost miraculously, some small businesses not only survived, they prospered.

What was their secret? Why do some businesses seem to have nine lives while others meet an  early grave?

Do We Still Need Business Cards?

With so many people using the internet for business and with smartphones everywhere, do we really still need business cards? Who even uses them today?

The answer? Smart, savvy people that know you can't hand your smartphone to a crowd of people that need your information. They all have business cards at the ready to hand out.

Will You Lose Employees if You Don’t Offer Health Insurance?

To nobody's surprise, the most popular employee benefit among U.S. workers is health insurance.

In a 2013 survey sponsored by Glassdoor and conducted by Harris Interactive, 76 percent of respondents said having a medical plan at work is the most important benefit to them.

Employee Gift Giving Etiquette Guide

A gift card, really? Your employees love getting gifts during the holiday season, but there are reasons why giving a store gift card is not the ideal way to go. Why not give them something that looks like you spent some time considering what to buy? You'll get points for being a caring boss, and they'll enjoy a holiday gift.

Secret Tax Expenses of a Home Office

Setting up a home office can be a valuable strategy for tax savings. The ability to write off your utilities, insurance, repairs and other costs as they relate to your home office helps defray the cost of home ownership. Shifting a portion of your mortgage interest and property tax to your home office can let you double count your home deductions against your income and self-employment tax. However, home offices also carry some tax expenses that small business owners don't always think about.

Using Promotional Products for Your Start-up or Small Business

Promotional opportunities can be a critical concern for new businesses and start-ups, which owners should take seriously. Offering promotional products can allow new businesses to make a bigger splash during promotional events, tradeshows and expos. Investing in the opportunities and merchandise that can ensure your start-up enjoys greater brand recognition may prove to be a key part of your overall business strategy and promotional efforts. For example, giving away or awarding HALO custom backpacks to customers who will wear them around campus or on their daily commute can help you expand your brand awareness and attract new business. 

Why Are Your Employees Leaving You?

Losing capable employees can be detrimental to your small business.

Other than having to spend time, effort and money to look for suitable replacements, you may also see a decline in the overall productivity of your company.

How Asset-Based Loans From Commercial Finance Companies Differ From Traditional Bank Loans or Lines of Credit

When it comes to the different types of business loans available in the marketplace, owners and entrepreneurs can be forgiven if they sometimes get a little confused. Borrowing money for your company isn’t as simple as just walking into a bank and saying you need a small business loan.

Can Your Small Business Get a Deal on Office Computers?

There comes a time for every small business when technology upgrades are an absolute necessity - besides, an outdated office always translates to an outdated business.

But, an upgrade in the tech department can put a strain on the budget, especially when it comes to buying new office computers.

Business Throwback: 5 Old-School Marketing Tactics That Are Here to Stay

Marketing is one of the most essential business activities you can engage in, but it is also one of the most tricky. Reaching people in this day and age can sometimes seem impossible due to the fact that people are exposed to marketing messages hundreds of times a day. However, in this technological age, there are some old-school marketing tactics that still work beautifully.