December, 2013

Is Your Business Going Green on Green Monday?

While Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even Small Business Saturday have higher profiles, Green Monday presents a powerful opportunity for businesses to make last-minute sales.

How can you make this shopping day work for your business?

You Can Get Something Back When You Give

In today's uncertain business environment, every penny counts. Each dime or dollar in profit is a precious commodity that can make a difference in whether a company continues to thrive or falls by the wayside.

Under these unpredictable circumstances, a business might find it difficult to dedicate a portion of its profits to a deserving charity. On the other hand, it's entirely possible that a company could decide that supporting a local or national cause is one of the best ways to attract and retain the customers it needs to survive.

Make It Your Business to Blog Effectively

Regular blog posts are one of the top keys of increasing web traffic.  Yet, for many website owners, publishing at least twice a week is no simple objective.

In order for this to happen, many businesses are turning to a strong alternative to posts only from the company.  Guest posts are gaining traction for good reason - with businesses as well as search engines.

The 5 Essential Tips of Taking Your Business to a Different Country

As your business expands, looking overseas or over the border to another country's markets can be a really smart move. Expanding to a new country will give you a wealth of new customers and opportunities that can help you to further expand your business. In fact, your business might even become a new sensation, growing to be even more popular in this new location than it is at home. Before you get too excited and rush off to some foreign land, take a quick look at these 5 essential tips that can help you to establish an effective business in any new country. 

Is Your Business Spending Too Much on Health Insurance?

Ever ask yourself if too much money is going out on health insurance for your employees?

The answer is probably yes, but there are ways to get employee healthcare costs down. And, with more and more smaller businesses cutting insurance plans and losing valuable employees, affordable health insurance is essential.

Five Easy Ways to Increase Productivity Without Even Trying

Productivity in the workplace is an important part of getting started on important tasks and providing the services that clients expect. Increased productivity is not hard, but it does require the right type of tools and measures to get the best results.

A Beginner's Guide To Starting Your Business

When you decide to start a business, you commit yourself to making thousands of decisions to create it and to keep it growing. In many ways, the decisions you make at the start of your business are critical to making it succeed. Particular attention to a number of different areas will help you to get your business off on the right foot.

Building Your Home Business

Setting up a home business takes a lot of motivation and determination, but can also be profitable and rewarding.

You get a variety of business by running a small business from your home, including being able to avoid a commute, setting your own hours, spending extra time with your family, and avoiding the formal office environment you may be tired of by now.

3 Tips to Getting Started with Marketing Analytics

These days, you can’t afford to market your business in the dark. If you’re not connecting with the right audiences and driving growth through your marketing efforts, you’re throwing money away.

That’s why even small businesses are finding that it’s increasingly important to take stock of your outreach through marketing analytics. In fact, with precious little time or resources to spare on pie-in-the-sky ideas and failed experiments, small businesses may find that detailed performance metrics for marketing have become more valuable than ever.

How to Cut Costs for Your Business Without Cutting Corners

If you’re always worried about your company’s growing operating budget, the idea of cutting corners on merchandise and customer service can be tempting. However, putting less into your business now is more than likely to hurt both your reputation and your bottom line in the long run. Instead of making changes that can damage the long-term success of your brand, try the easy money-saving tips below to bring down your expenses without compromising your goals and reputation.