February, 2014

Latest Tech Advancements In The Logistics Industry

In recent times, technological advancements have picked up rapid pace in a variety of industries, including supply chain management. This forward progress has allowed logistics companies to utilize GPS (Global Positioning Tracking) systems, wireless technology and other communication modes to provide cost-efficient solutions to their customers.  

Corporate Event Planning: 5 Tricks To Make It Run Smoothly

When planning a corporate event, it is important to follow a few tips to have it come off smoothly. It's not difficult to make the event a huge success while staying within any given budget. The following tricks will assure success:

How to Be the Boss of Your Own Life

Businesswoman Provides Tips for Being Your Own CEO

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in the United States with hundreds of thousands of new businesses opening each year.

More than 22 million of our small businesses are one-man (or woman) shops, and the number of those ringing up more than $1 million in sales is growing – it was nearly 27,000 in 2011, the most recent U.S. Census statistics available.

Business Makeover: Six Facelift Ideas To Help Boost Business

Managing a successful business today requires the ability to not only create a product or service, but also the capability to appeal to any intended audience or demographic. The more appealing your business or brand is to potential clients and customers, the easier it is to generate sales and a long-term income stream.

Business Lessons to Learn from the Sochi Olympics

Sochi has seemed like nothing short of a horror story for journalists, athletes and spectators so far. From getting trapped in elevators to unfinished hotels, the media focus has been more on these amusing stories than the winter sports themselves. However, there are lessons to take away from these mishaps that could have your business going for the gold.

Is Your Sales Letter a Winner?

Writing a sales letter is one of the traditional marketing techniques that are still widely used today.

Sales letters have been proven to be an effective way to attract and convert potential customers, and they can contribute significantly to the success of your marketing campaign.

Will Credit Card Debt Prevent Opening Your Small Business?

If you are an entrepreneur with poor credit history due to credit card debt, then you are probably assuming it's going to prevent you from opening a small business.

Luckily there are plenty of other financial avenues to take when it comes to finding the startup funds for your future business.

Ways to Create a More Inviting Atmosphere in your Business

Creating a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your business can help make patrons feel more welcome and at home. When customers feel comfortable they will be more likely to browse your store or use your services for an extended period of time, which is good for business! It is important to standout from other competitors in your area, and one way to do this is to have a more welcoming establishment. Make your customers feel at home in your store and they’ll continue to come back when they need your products or services and maybe even tell their friends and family about your company.

Dos and Don'ts of Tradeshows: A Game Plan for Success

The largest trade show in the world, the International Consumer Electronics Trade Show, just wrapped up in Las Vegas. ExactTarget.com reports 1.75 tweets per minute hashtagged #CES2014 during just one day of the big show. That's a lot of chit-chat on the airwaves, so you know trade shows still harness some impressive marketing power.

Followers Are Out; Hashtags Are In

Have you ever tweeted something to hundreds or thousands of followers, only to hear nothing but crickets? It’s not just you — brands across the country are finding that the biggest source of engagement and interaction comes from a surprising source: non-followers.