June, 2014

The Top Six Trends Of Start-up Businesses And Why You Should Consider Them

The business world is changing, and it's important to know how to thrive in it. There is technology involved in a lot of things when it come to business, and some trends that you should consider if you are thinking about starting a business.

Tyranny Of Speed

There are potential customers that will not wait for you to get back to them. They will be looking for someone else to help them. These customers will be able to find someone because the internet has changed the game. It has put speed at the top of the agenda.

Quick Rundown of Business Bankruptcy

If your business is struggling with sluggish sales, high overhead and other financial challenges that are causing you stress, you may wonder if you should file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a viable and even recommended option that may be suitable for some companies, but it is not the only option available. Whether you are just starting to research bankruptcy as an option or you have seriously been considering the possibility, you should be aware of a few key points.

How to Better Your Business with Better Technology

For business owners, having the right technology can mean the difference between having hundreds of extra hours of work per year and extra time to focus on new projects. Here are just a few ways that running a business can be benefited by a familiarity with better technology.

Why You Should Fire Some Customers

This week I spoke to a new client who contacted me through the EAdvice service on my website. In her written correspondence she expressed concern about the overall profitability of her company. Of course, those were not the specific words she used in her email. Rather she wrote the words I hear many business owners proclaim, “Although I continue to get new clients I still do not have enough money to support my business yet alone my personal expenses”.

Enter The Consumer's Mind: Why is Business Psychology so Important?

You can have as much technical expertise as you want: If you do not go into the mind of your customer, your business will likely fail. Here are just a few reasons that psychology is just as important as any technical, operational or administrative task of business.

Every producer is a consumer at one time or another

If you cannot look at yourself as a consumer and realize the buying habits that you have, then you are basically tying your hands and feet together and trying to run your business without the use of your limbs. Everyone is a consumer at some point. If you cannot empathize with others, you can at least empathize with yourself.

Essential Cloud Storage Features for Your Small Business Needs

According to Microsoft, 70 percent of small businesses have not implemented cloud solutions into their arsenals. This is a rather surprising number given the various benefits of using a cloud platform. Cloud storage allows for the backup of your team’s most precious data, gives easy access to data anywhere in the world, and offers increased security from malicious threats. Various facets of your small business will see an increase in productivity, as long as the right features are included in your package.

Does Office Seating Matter at Your Company?

Setting up your office matters when it comes to where you want your employees to sit.

Ranging from tall private cubicles to a more open seating arrangement, you need to decide what works best for your small business.

When I worked in an office setting, our seating arrangements were changed on a quarterly basis.

Why Startups Should Use Business Accelerators

Businesses are created every day; some survive, others fail. This ebb and flow begs to ask if there is a right way to start a business. Over the last several years, many startups have chosen to turn to business accelerators in order to maximize sustainability, but is this the right option to take?  Elton Rivas, a business expert out of Jacksonville, Florida, shares some insight on the top three reasons to enter into a business acceleration program.

Boost Your Business's Curb Appeal with These Simple Steps

When most people hear the term "curb appeal," they invariably think about buying or selling a private residence. However, few apply the same principles to commercial properties and businesses. The reality is that business curb appeal can go a long way in boosting revenue and increasing overall business value. Here are a few tips to jazz up any commercial property.

Going Freemium: Will This Model Work for Your Business?

The "freemium" business model is a pricing strategy in which you give away your core services for free and then offer premium services for a fee. This tends to work well for companies (often, software or Internet companies) where the free product can be shared cheaply and widely; you simply restrict your services for the free version, offering limited features, capacity and support.