November, 2014

How Small Businesses can Find Prospects

Finding the right business prospects and converting them into valuable leads are essential in keeping the business afloat. To this end, many platforms are available in reaching a desired audience. Especially now with the advent of technology, more ways of reaching potential clients have been established.

3 Interesting Trade Show Games That Will Engage Consumers

Games are an outlet for children growing up. Kids receive age appropriate games as they develop, however, this phenomenon doesn’t end in childhood. People play games because they experience emotions closely related to the main factors of happiness (such as health, relationships, simple pleasures and achieving a sense of control of your well-being). For over 2 millennia adults have been playing sports such as the Olympics in Greece or mind challenging logistic games in kings courts, gentlemen’s clubs and casinos. As the years passed society evolved, as did the games. Today there are still the Olympic games, gentlemen’s clubs and casinos, yet the range of games has multiplied due to the Internet and apps on phones, tablets, computers, etc. Games are as essential for adults as they are for children.

The Importance of Cross Selling and Up Selling

Sometimes businesses make the mistake of focusing their sales force purely on new leads in their efforts to expand their business. Take a look at your own organization. What if there were ways that you could capitalize on the existing customer base you already have, while selling more with a lower investment than it takes to generate new leads?

Cross selling and up selling can achieve exactly that. Following up by differentiating your offerings, and providing ongoing customer support can help you to retain customers well in to the future. Sustainability is just as important as growth. By growing business from existing channels you will build a sustainable operation that allows for growth more naturally in the future.

Use Your Business Loan the Right Way

Business loans are simply loans from banks or other lenders that are intended to help a business thrive as is grows. They can also be used to start a new business from the ground up. A business loan is pretty standard in its terms and conditions even across different lenders but each lender is free to set their own rates, fees, and conditions. For example, Clydesdale Bank’s business loan rates come in both fixed and variable forms and offers terms anywhere up to 15 years. Depending on what you’re looking to do with your loan you’ll want to choose the lender that best matches your needs.

Self Start: Small Businesses Ideas for a Self Motivator

Running your own business requires the ability to maintain motivation even if you’re not feeling ready to take on a new challenge. Understanding what it takes to run your own small business is a way for you to find the right path, whether you are interested in creating an Edmonton welding plant of your own, or if you have a new product idea you are thinking of launching. Service oriented or product based, your small business should be self-motivated and managed. Here are some ideas to get you started and what it takes to get the business moving on your own.

Business Management: 7 Steps to Running a Successful Business

Being a business manager is no easy, predictable matter. You have to manage employees, budgets and all of the business operations. Every now and then, you need a guide to help you through the processes. There are 7 steps available to help you run a successful business.

Useful Tips On How To Motivate Employees

Owning a company doesn’t only mean having a successful business. Half of your business is made out of (un)happy workers, don’t ever forget that. If you have unhappy crowd of people on your hands, don’t expect your business to flourish. Know that your employees are your biggest asset and your road to success. If they are satisfied and motivated, that is.

3 Budget-Friendly Office Decor Ideas

A well-decorated office isn't just for show. Studies have found that beautiful decor in the workplace increases employee productivity and job satisfaction. For instance, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology found a direct relationship between office design and productivity, and the American Society of Interior Designers supports the idea that an aesthetically appealing workplace is the key to efficiency. So, to turn your office space from drab to fab, check out these easy, low-cost decor solutions.

How Moving Your Company Could Benefit Your Business

Moving your company can be extremely costly. The transportation of equipment alone can cost a small fortune - think of all the computers, desks and files your business has. It can be total chaos the first few weeks as everyone gets adjusted. Depending on how far away the move is, some employees might choose not to stay with the company. But in the end, it can definitely be worth it.

What Every Entrepreneur Should Know about Business Law before Launching a Startup

Launching a startup is as much about the structure as it is the product or service. Getting the legal requirements right upfront can ensure that the business operates smoothly and avoids many of the common legal quagmires that new companies often run into. Here are a few things every entrepreneur should know about business law before launching a startup in order to avoid running into legal trouble.