January, 2015

The Business of Being Effective with Text Messaging

Text messaging is emerging as one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience.

The low cost associated with sending even bulk text messages make this a high ROI tool that you shouldn't overlook.

So what are the tricks to writing text messages that will convert leads to sales?

As the following article shows, here are “5 tips for writing effective mass text messages” that you can implement today.

5 Ways to Improve Your Small Business

Like plants, small businesses need certain key factors in place in order to grow into the
businesses they dream of becoming. Considered different forms of nourishment, these specific proponents give the small business the power to face its potential, understand it and thereby know how to grow to meet the demand. Should you refuse the challenge, chances are the brand will stagnate and never realize its true potential.

How To Take Your Business To The Next Level With Confidence

There comes a time in every business’ existence when it hits a plateau. Usually, this means it is time to start expanding to both serve more customers and generate more income. So long as you cover your bases, you’ll be able to do so confidently.

7 Year-End Tax Tips for Small Businesses

With the beginning of 2015, many businesses are looking at what can be done to improve their financial position for the new year. Regardless of the state your company is currently in you could end up saving on your taxes if you make the right moves now. Here are a few ideas for your small business:

1. Maintain accurate inventory counts. The holiday season is the perfect time to get rid of slow or non-selling inventory though the process of write-downs. Although you take a hit when you write-down inventory, write-downs are preferable to write-offs, and clearing out old merchandise can help your business avoid writing off large amounts of non-selling inventory.

Is Your Business Marketing Approach Dialed-in?

In a day and age when so many companies are vying for the attention of consumers, having the right marketing message can go a long way in swaying customers to your business.

Stop and think for a moment…. How many marketing pitches do you the business owner get as an everyday consumer? Whether they be through the traditional mail, email or via mobile devices, you’re likely bombarded on a daily basis by companies wanting you to try and/or continue using their products and services. At some point, you might say enough is enough.

Small Business Marketing: Offline Vs Online!

Building a successful brand today not only requires offline marketing, but also online marketing and promotion. Comparing both online and offline marketing is a way to gain insight into the direction of your own campaigns, regardless of the type of business or brand you are creating. The more you know about offline and online marketing, the easier it becomes to reach any audience or demographic you have in mind.  

Are You Properly Marketing Your Non-Profit?

When it comes to running a non-profit, balancing the budget can feel a bit like trying to balance a pail of water on your head without spilling a drop.

Resources are limited, and every single spend counts. It's all too easy to let marketing fall by the wayside, when in fact putting resources into marketing is the key to raising your non-profit's profile and getting those all-important memberships and donations.

Obtain Potential Customers To Your Business

In the world of business marketing, strategic focusing has slowly shifted from seeking potential clients to making them want to come to you.

In many of the small businesses a larger percentage of sales come from their customers. Therefore making them to seek potential customers who will always want to come to you for your services.

Expanding Your Restaurant the Right Way

First the dream is to own a successful restaurant, but then what?

The next logical step is to expand with a second location. Though this may not be the case for every restaurant, some are happy putting their all into one, others want to expand, maybe even into a franchise.

But how do you keep the success flowing?

How To Start Your Business Off On The Right Foot

The main thing when starting a new business is to be fresh, new, needed and fruitful. Some might find this easy, while others terrifying, however, for everyone the question stays the same - how to reach it? How to choose in the sea of possibilities, chances and opportunities that one thing that nobody has or that everybody needs?