April, 2015

Are Surety Bonds a Good Idea for Your Business?

Is your business up to speed on surety bonds? If not, you might want to take a crash-course on them to better understand how they could impact your company one way or another.

A surety bond differs from a regular bond in that it is a bond between three parties - the principal, the obligee and the surety.

Should You Go the Extra Education Mile for Your Workers?

If you are a business owner, you need to weigh a lot of extras to find their value.

Some things may not be worth it to provide to your employees, like free dry cleaning if you are business casual, but other opportunities may be cost effective - like continuing education for your employees.

How To Effectively Manage Time Inventory?

Time is a resource and should be managed effectively to provide products and services to clients as and when they need them. This has to be accurately understood and managed for better deployment of the right sort of resources in the organisation.  

How To Measure Time Inventory?

Time inventory is the amount of man hours available in the organisation to be able to deliver efficiently. The demand for goods and services has to be predicted for the current period first and then the coming months.

Three Tools For Retaining Millennials

Millennial workers often leave a position within a year, or shortly after a year has passed. Companies that lose parts of the workforce that quickly are at risk of losing nearly $5,000 per employee; so applying tools that speak to a younger generation can increase retention rates and employee satisfaction.

Use autonomous training

The Aberdeen Group reported seventy percent of workers choose to leave in the first year, and the majority of those cite poor employee training as a primary reason for leaving a position.

What’s Next To Join the Sharing Economy?

As defined by Investopedia, the sharing economy is: “An economic model in which individuals are able to borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. The sharing economy model is most likely to be used when the price of a particular asset is high and the asset is not fully utilized all the time.” It is also sometimes known as peer-to-peer.

How to Set up your Small Business Network

Business networks have gone a long way from a couple of desktop PCs and a humble file server. Unlike those 56kbps Internet connections, today business networks convey gigabytes of information via high-speed connections. The today’s networking hardware can do wonders for a small business, but also cause a lot of headache and malfunctioning if not installed properly. These tips are created as a short crash course in establishing a business computer network. 

Are You and Your Employees Truly Safe at Work?

When was the last time you reviewed your office safety?

Office safety isn't just for those in businesses with obvious hazards such as construction. No matter what your business, keeping your office safe is vital not only for your employees' health and well-being, but for minimizing time lost due to accidents in the workplace.

How to Help Your Small Business Stand Out at a Trade Show

The cost of running and staffing a trade show booth can be significant for a small business, but the benefits of getting in front of prospective clients can be worth both the effort and expense. In order to maximize a trade show experience, small businesses need to have their booths stand out. Here’s how to plan accordingly and implement some basic strategies around running a successful trade show booth that draws traffic.

Six Smart Business Model Designs in Healthcare

Health care is slowly transforming into one of inclusivity for everyone, no matter their age, race, or gender. Little by little, new business models are showing us the possibilities of what health care can truly become. These advancements are some of the most successful in making healthcare work around the country.

The Best Way to Ease the Burden of Tax Season: Keep Good Records

It’s tax season, which for many small business owners is a time of stress and anxiety and often reflection on what could have been done better. Almost always the answer is, “I could have kept better records”. As you sit fumbling through a year’s worth of receipts, or poring over online bank statements or cluttered spreadsheets it is easy to see that an effective record system would make tax season so much easier. And you aren’t alone. According to the Small Business Accounting Report, 33% of companies say that managing paperwork and record keeping is one of the biggest accounting challenges they face.