May, 2015

Six Of The Best Ways To Become A More Effective Business Leader

It is a noble pursuit to want to be a more effective business leader. Effective business leaders make no reservations about getting things done. They are efficient, timely and have a string of accomplishments to show for all their hard work. If you want to strive to reach the lofty position of being an effective business leader, then here are six areas of improvement that will require your immediate attention.

Company Image: Better Ideas to Help Your Business Impress Investors

Improving your business to impress investors is all about creating that visual identity and image you want your company to possess. The way you present your company to all investors showcases whether you value image or not, and it can dictate how much funding you can receive. Depending on your potential down the road, there are many ways you can actually impress investors to fund your company. Consider doing these things during the meeting.

The Business of Transparency: Are You Doing All You Can to Win Over Customers?

Transparency is as scary in business as it is in personal relationships.

Should you share everything, even if it might leave you sleeping on the proverbial couch? Unfortunately, in today’s increasingly connected society, the fear of bad press has grown to positively phobic levels. It’s easy to get bogged down worrying about what will happen if your business isn’t doing well or you make a big mistake.

Ditch Your Elevator Statement

My office building isn’t very big. Six or seven offices with maybe 20 people total who work here. And so we don’t get many visitors (the mailman’s daily arrival is widely looked upon as a highlight).

Yesterday, however, a friendly stranger popped his head into my office and introduced himself as a friend of a friend:

Don't Let a Loan Scam Ruin Your Business Hopes

Starting a business often requires at least a small amount of capital. Unless you have been able to plan ahead and save up a substantial amount of money, you will need a loan.

In some cases, you may be able to acquire a business loan, but more often you will ask for a personal loan to get your business off the ground.

Marketing 101: How to Bring in Profits for your Home Business on your First Trade Show

Growing a home-based business from the ground up can be both challenging and exciting. With your hard work and determination, you may have enjoyed some moderate success up to this point, and you may be ready to host a booth at your first trade show in the near future. There is a cost associated with hosting a booth, and you may be wondering what it will take to turn a profit from your attendance at the trade show. By focusing on these points, you may increase your chance of success.

Must Have Technology For Businesses

Technology is an ever changing world and businesses must be willing to adopt new technologies if they want to stay ahead of the game. New technology can often save large businesses money and they can also help the little guys too. No matter what size your business is, here are some resent technologies that you definitely should look into for the success of your business. Each of them will help your business keep in touch with the world around you.

Top Technology Challenges for Small Business Owners

For every small business, the biggest goal is to become something bigger and stronger, but in order to achieve that, it will be very important to look into what technology has to offer and how it can help improve. However, the most important thing to consider is that you do not, and should not rush an upgrade, as it might not necessarily be what you need right now. Furthermore, technology can be quite expensive, and if you waste a lot of money at once, your budget will not be big enough to cover everything you might need later; and you might miss out on something important for your office.

6 Leadership Essentials that all Entrepreneurs Need if they Want to be Successful

Most entrepreneurs were not born with an innate ability to lead a team in business. While some aspects of leadership may come naturally, many skills require honing and perfecting before they could be truly considered a leadership asset. If success is what you strive for, here are six essential skills that all entrepreneurs need to master in order to become a great leader.

The Idea of a Safer Workplace

Safety matters for all businesses but there's no doubt that it's of special concern to some of the riskier businesses out there.

Thankfully, increasingly powerful and accurate technology is helping industries such as construction and trucking find new and safer ways to operate.

From better safety on trucking routes to helping doctors perform surgery, what are some of the ways in which technology is making work safer for those in dangerous jobs?