June, 2015

How Just One Blog a Month Can Transform Your Business Marketing

As you know, having a mobile-friendly website is basically a requirement to running a successful business. Since the Yellow Pages are dead, your business needs a presence online that customers can visit before calling you or making a purchase.

A few years ago, you might have been going back and forth trying to decide whether your business should have a website or not. Today, the choice has been made for you. Instead, the question on most small business owners’ minds is, “Should I have a blog?”

How Can Startup Grow through Lively Online Development

No business can function today without proper online existence. It includes various things, such as social media campaigning, email strategies, website creation and other related services. For startups, making profiles or pages on social networks could be a free and efficient way of becoming known to online audience. However, a successful business will have to expand the range of its Internet-related business strategies.

How is Microsoft Impacting Your Business?

Is Microsoft relevant to your business?

It's become fashionable in recent years to make jokes at Microsoft's expense, but the fact remains that Microsoft is still a big name in business computing, and its products could be doing more for your business than you realize.

There's no doubt that other platforms can offer your business plenty of flexible solutions too, but is it time to forget about Microsoft altogether?

Grading The Business You Want To Buy

Let's get one thing straight right now.   If you are looking for the perfect business, stop looking, it doesn't exist.   And if you really want to buy a business you need to settle!  That's right buying a business is a lot like being in a bar at 2am...ponder on that for a moment.   Seriously all businesses have their drawbacks, risks, pain points, skeletons in the closet and warts.     Your job is to find them all, understand them completely, decide if you can manage them and if they will stop you from buying.

Is Where Your Office is Located Important?

When looking where to place your office, a lot of factors will matter in the decision making process.

Do you want to be in a more industrial area, or in the midst of a residential one? Will you benefit from being in a residential area as opposed to an industrial one? You may want to consider a mixed use development.

Facts About Family Businesses

I grew up in a family business. My father and brother still run that business today. So, you could say there is a soft spot in my heart for what family businesses represent and the enormous role they play in the U.S. economy. For example:

  • 64% of the U.S Gross Domestic Product (GDP) comes from family-owned business

Is SIP Trunking on Your Company's Radar?

If your business would benefit from more flexible telephony that costs less than a traditional telephone line, SIP trunking can help you.

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is the technology that is used to establish voice communications over a data network, for example when using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones.

Five International Companies Who Do the Most Good in the World

Demonstrating genuine corporate social responsibility is a huge concern in the modern world. In fact, companies that contribute to the community and their employees are statistically more successful. Every year Fortune Magazine ranks the top 50 most admired companies in the world. Below introduces the top five companies and why they are the most widely admired companies in the world. 

What Are My Options After My Small Biz Loan Has Been Denied?

If you've been denied a personal loan for your small business, don't worry.

There are a number of alternate routes you can take when it comes to finding funding.

With financial assistance options in mind, here are a few ways you can fund your small business after your initial loan is denied:

Why Does Your Website Need A Privacy Policy?

In general, all Australian websites should have a Privacy Policy statement. While there are a few that can 'squeak by' without one, Australian Consumer Law now requires that you post one in the event you collect any information from your visitors or customers. This includes their email addresses, phone numbers, physical address, credit card numbers, or the like. Simply having a 'Contact Us' form on your site means you must post a Privacy Policy.