April, 2016

Make the Online Buying and Renting Experience Second to None

How much time and effort does your company put into making the online buying experience as good as it can be for consumers?

In some cases, the answer to that question is unfortunately not very good.

For some businesses, the online buying experience is not what it should be, reasons for which can be numerous.

How entrepreneurs can make the most of the growing trend in wearables

Entrepreneurs are always on the hunt for the next opportunity. Being an outlier, an upstart, a challenger - that’s where the adventure lies. Doing things as they’ve always been done doesn’t lead to innovation, it’s the safe bet and favours the status quo. Slow and steady wins the race, so they say. But that’s not an option for an entrepreneur: they have to disrupt how things are, do things differently and take on new risks and challenges.

Google Searches Mean Business for You

What are your go-to methods when it comes to securing new business for your company?

While there are myriad of means in which to do this, some obviously work better than others, so know which ones will put your business in the best light when it comes to search engines.

7 Ways to Make Your Startup Stand Out

2016 is part of the booming startup generation. It seems like there's a millennial with a revolutionary business plan and entrepreneurial dreams around every corner, and nowadays it doesn't take much to launch your own startup. In fact, just about anyone with an Internet connection can do it. The real challenge lies in making a startup stand out among the masses. Below are seven ways that you can make your startup noticeable right from the start.

Creative Mail Marketing: Piquing the Customer's Interest

As your business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to handle all those mail orders, not to mention designing and packaging the layouts. While all this can be handled internally when you are working out of your dad's garage, it is no longer a feasible solution when you are receiving boatloads of orders a day.

This is where packaging and automation comes into the picture. Using state-of-the-art technology, we have successfully automated the process to make it not only faster to handle mail order fulfillment, but we also design the package in a way that increases your customer's interest in the brand. Let’s face it, terrific packaging can help in creating that sterling first impression.

Consultants: How Unbiased Opinions Help Businesses Thrive

Bringing in a consultant can help salvage or boost your business. If your business is doing poorly, a consultant can make it organized and profitable. If your business is doing well, a consultant can take it to the next level.

A consultant offers an unbiased view because they are not competitors who stand to profit from your vulnerabilities. They can help pinpoint and solve problem areas, and even point out issues that you were oblivious about.

6 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out and Become More Recognizable

In a crowded marketplace, it’s hard for a company to stick out to consumers. If you aren’t able to differentiate yourself from competitors, you may never make a profit. However, there are strategies you can use to gain a customer base. One of these is by taking advantage of branding. Below are six ways you can make your brand stick out and get recognized by customers.

Google RankBrain – SEO and Artificial Intelligence

A relatively new component of the overall Google search engine algorithm is RankBrain, which is an evolution of Google’s “Hummingbird” SEO algorithm. RankBrain was gradually rolled out in 2015 and has been fully active for a few months now. In March 2016 Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google confirmed that links and content are joint first in terms of determining how Google rank websites, however RankBrain is the third most important factor.

Six Of The Most Effective Ways To Improve Your Leadership Skills

Whether it is intentional or subconscious, most people look to a leader to show them the way. In any successful organization, there is a person who leads the team. Even though everyone plays a significant role in the success or failure, the leader of the company steers the ship. With such a major responsibility, it is important to place it on the shoulders of someone who is well-qualified. In order to become qualified, it's vital to practice and improve on your leadership skills.

5 Best Call Center Software To Support Your Customers

The Significance & Selection of a Call Center Software

To run a call center, you need to have call center software. There are thousands of different call center software around the world, and every software has its own pros and cons. If you are running any company or business where you need to set up a call center, you need to select the best call center software for yourself. First determine the features that you need in your phone system. This guide will tell you about the top 5 knowledge base software for call centers.