May, 2016

So You Want to Start a Start-Up: 4 Things to Know

The digital world is always brimming with good ideas, which can lead you to found a start-up company. Before moving ahead, it is wise to consider the current economy and be realistic in regard to return on investment. Four other factors that come into play are outlined below.

Study the Competition

A solid first step is going out and taking a close look at products and stores. Visiting competitor websites and reading customer reviews will give insight into what works in a particular industry and what does not. Using a search site like Fagan Finder will provide information on suppliers, alliances and sites that link to a competitor. Knowing where the competition fails allows a start-up to do things better.

Pros And Cons Of Building Your Own Website As A Small Business Owner

Most small business owners are not operating with substantial budgets. They are focused on the essentials only. The real question for them is determining what is essential and what can wait until later. Near the top of the list of essentials should be a website. It is safe to say that a website is entirely necessary for a modern business to succeed.

6 Things I’m Learning from Millennials

Most of us have first-hand experience with just how ridiculous stereotypes can be.
I, for example, proudly break the stereotype of the reserved British person by being blunt and speaking my mind; seldom will you find me acquiescing about things I’m passionate about for the sake of English decorum.
While politeness is a stereotype that doesn’t personally cause me much grief, it’s important to remember that many stereotypes are actually quite dangerous—even the ones that seem harmless.

Is Your Medical Practice as Healthy as It Should Be?

Running a medical practice comes with a ton of responsibility, especially in a day and age where the Internet has so many people checking up on their medical well-being.

That said is your medical practice as health as it should be?

If the answer to that question is no, there are means by which you can improve it.

Why is SEO on Your Backburner?

No matter the size of your business, search engine optimization (SEO) can play a major role in not only giving your company the online attention it needs, but keeping it in the spotlight for years to come.

That said have you been leaving SEO on the backburner for a while now? If so, why is that?

Six Helps for Putting Your Startup on the Path to Success

You can improve your odds of startup success by putting in place the right goals, processes, and plans early on. Here are six things you should look at if you want to put your startup on the path to success.

Identify Your Main Goal
Startups burn through funding and lose market opportunities when they are unable to focus. Be clear about what you want to bring to market first. Identify the heart of your product, the key feature or solution it will provide, and focus on getting that built.

Tarnished Reputation: Tips for Cleaning Up the Company Image

Has your company made a mistake? Or perhaps a business you represent has made some mistakes and wants to repent. Hard as it may be to recover goodwill, it is not impossible. In this article, we will discuss three ways that goodwill can be recovered with specific, recent examples.

Actively Fix Mistakes
BP Oil essentially destroyed the Gulf Coast in 2009. Not only was the water heavily polluted, but many jobs in the oil and fishing industries went away quickly, leaving many families destitute.

Why Your Small Business May Not Be Experiencing The Growth You Expected

Small businesses have traditionally been the building blocks of a strong economy. A heightened drive for customer service, ability to provide localized goods and services and a tendency for quality results are all things associated with small businesses. The problem is that small businesses have been on somewhat of a downward trend. If you own a small business, then now is the time to take control of it. Let's examine some of the reasons that your small business may be experiencing less growth than you desire.

Easier Handling of Insurance with Latest Apps

Managing your finances and handling your insurance is definitely getting easier with a consistently growing range of personal finance, banking and insurance apps that could immensely simplify how you spend or save money and how you handle your auto, health or home insurance plans. A recent survey conducted by Federal Reserve has revealed that around 28 percent of consumers having mobile phones usually track all their monetary habits with the mobile phone.

How to Make Your E-Commerce Site Effective

The relative ease with which you can set up an e-commerce site has paved the way for thousands of entrepreneurs to think of taking their interests further and making them serious businesses. However, many do not take the trouble of thinking the process through, and quit the minute they discover their ventures are not the roaring successes that they had hoped to see. There are loads of information on how e-commerce businesses should develop their vision, spot and exploit market opportunities, build the relevant technology platforms, and more. Many online ventures do not stop and think regarding what their potential customers really want, and as a result, ultimately fail. Some tips on making your online venture effective by making it more customer-centric: