July, 2016

What Every New Business Needs To Thrive During The First Year

Many new businesses only make it a few years before failing. No business owner heads into the wide world of entrepreneurship thinking that the fate of their business is to fold, and yet that's what happens to many. One way a new business owner can prevent being one of thousands of failed entrepreneurs is to prepare themselves to thrive during their first year. Here are five things your business needs in order to make your first year a great one.

Give Your Brand a Legal Case for Success

When your business is the legal field, there is oftentimes little room for error.

Stop and think for a moment about the importance of the services you provide the public.

Your work as a criminal defense attorney could mean the difference between someone getting a serious sentence, a light sentence, or even going free altogether.

Cost-effective Ways to Build a Healthy Company Culture

Company culture is a buzz term that has been increasing in usage and power over the past several years. People are now making decisions about whether they’ll work at a company based on what they know about the culture. This makes sense, as the concept of work-life balance is changing as technology advances and people spend more and more of their lives working.

Keys to Anticipating Consumer Needs and Wants

When running your business, it’s paramount to create an experience that is exceptional to your customers so that they will keep coming back again and again. How can you anticipate and know their needs and wants? You may choose to conduct surveys and talk to them in person so as to open the doors of communication. However, doing this may not be enough. You still need to determine which part of the conversation that applies to your venture and how to use it to make improvements. These key aspects we will discuss below can be used to know what customers need and how you can offer them the services or products they desire.

The State of Business Market In Croatia At The Moment

Croatia has always been considered a country with good geostrategic position. This is because it has a marine border with Italy and it also borders countries such as Bosnia and Slovenia. In the last few years, there has been a rapid growth in the state of the business market in Croatia.

This is seen in the aspect of modern machinery and industrial equipment imports. For those looking for self-employment, the government introduced the One Stop Shop project with the aim of centralizing and simplifying the procedures that are necessary to establish new business entities in Croatia. This afforded many aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish businesses. Instead of spending years in building a single company, the process has been shortened to a period of 29 days. Businesses are certainly easier to establish in the current business market.

Best 6 Ways to Market Your Small Business

Small business marketing is essential if your customers are going to learn about you and purchase your products or services. You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune to market your business, but you do need to know how to engage your customers and create excitement about your goods. A successful business must continually attract new customers, and you also need to maintain the customers you currently have. Check out these six great ways to market your small business.

How to Stay Abreast of the Newest Tech Trends in Online Business

Technology has advanced so much in recent years that no business can afford to fight it. From hailing cabs to remotely controlling appliances in your home, almost all aspects of our lives have been digitized and are monitored not only from the gadgets we carry, but even those we wear. As a business owner, you know the power of technology and might even be using an online business to increase sales. But what are some of the most recent tech trends to consider incorporating in your business? Staying abreast of all the new technological developments might not be possible for your online business, but if you can pay attention to at least a few, you won’t fall short.

Is Your Business Helping Families in Legal Matters?

Being in the legal field means oftentimes many long hours and decisions that could make or break someone’s life.

That said it is important to remember that one of the strengths of your business (at least it should be) is making sure you properly spell out to the public what exactly it is that you do.

For example, those lawyers and attorneys in family law practice have to deal with some heart-wrenching cases at times, cases that can impact the lives of numerous people for many years to come.

First update from our 20th Anniversary Grant Winner - Brittany Buonocore

Editor Note: As a rule, all Idea Cafe grant winners provide monthly reports on how their business is doing since winning Idea Cafe's Grant. Here is the first update from Brittany Buonocore, the owner of Flour and Salt Bakery. Enjoy reading, and don't miss out on the opportunity to be inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit and business wisdom. In a six-month period she will share thoughts on how she uses the grant money in the best possible way in order to take her business to the next level.

Hey everyone! Britty from Flour and Salt Bakery here with my first blog update for the Idea Café. Over the past month, we have been hard at work in Hamilton, NY getting the bakery ready to open in mid-July. During this hard work, we’ve had a couple of great accomplishments.

The Business of Better Networking

For any business owner who believes networking does not have to be a priority in his or her daily routine, change that mindset immediately.

With the right amount of networking, your business can oftentimes do just fine in terms of landing new customers and retaining them for years to come.

The big question oftentimes becomes just how much networking should I do with my business?