July, 2016

What Can Be Done to Save a Failing Business

If you are the owner of a business that is failing, there are things you can do to possibly keep your company running. An important thing to remember when following any of these steps is to stay calm and collected so that you will be better organized and have a clearer mindset when attempting to save your business.

Keep Your Staff Motivated

5 Problems You May Not Be Able To Fix Yourself At Your Business

While business owners can solve a lot of their own problems, they might run into some that are beyond their skills. When that happens, you need to call in a professional whose business is to help. Here are five areas that often give business owners a run for their money.

Weak Contracts

Many businesses use contracts to secure their relationships and costs with suppliers and contractors. Some need non-disclosure agreements and hold harmless forms, and others need specialized agreements for shareholders.

Why Your Business Needs To Repeat. To Repeat.

Let me ask you a question… What’s the best thing about having a job?

Not the worst thing (this is a newsletter, not a 12-part miniseries). The best thing.

For me, the answer is easy: Steady income.

Week after week, month after month, as long as you don’t quit, get laid off, or accidentally drive over the CFO’s foot in the parking lot, the checks keep coming. Sure, there are many negatives, but for the 15+ years I had a job, I never gave a second thought to money.

Business Abroad: Which Countries Have the Best Job Markets?

Ever wish you could pack up your things and go on an adventure at the drop of a hat? Considering a job abroad is one way to stimulate your life and wallet with an exciting career. Recruitment agencies, job-seekers, and market-watchers rank countries around the globe for job market opportunities. 

What to Understand
The job market waxes and wanes abroad just like it does here with the state of the economy dependent on the state of government affairs in times of war.

Are Consumers Searching Your Website?

How do you go about securing new business on a regular basis?

Some business owners are masters at garnering new business regularly, others, not so successful.

While there are myriad of ways to go about doing this, it is important that you try each and every possible manner there is to add new clients.

5 Ways to Increase Satisfactory Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business venture. One bad experience could cost your organization time and money. Smart companies will take the time to evaluate and invest in customer service initiatives and ensure their staff is on-board with these policies.

Customers will always remember and respond to the interactions they have with your business. This fact puts increased importance on the quality of customer service at your company.

Tricks to Make Your Most Complex Logistics Tasks Easier

Business owners who want to optimize their companies should know that making complex logistics processes as simple as possible is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. Luckily, there are numerous strategies you can implement to simplify your current logistics systems so things function more effectively and expediently around the office. Here are just four of many techniques you can implement right now.

Are You in Need of More Qualified Employees?

Ever feel like you are facing challenges in running your business?

With multiple challenges that can be thrown your way at any given time, you may sometimes wonder why you got into business in the first place.

That said it is important to always review where your business is doing well, along with where there is need and room for improvements.

Small Business, Big Data: How to Get Your Startup More Organized

If you're on the cusp of starting your own business, you have to get all your ducks in a row. The business plan, budget, and marketing strategy all need to be in place. But do you have the best tools for staying organized? Even if you aren’t the most Type-A personality, you can improve your startup organization. Here are exceptional tools to help with your management skills.

A Guide to Successful Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Conflict is a natural part of life. When there are different people with different backgrounds and life experiences, everyone will formulate their own way of operating. Different opinions will naturally lead to conflict at work, church, home, and school. Unfortunately, there are many people that panic when there's conflict and they don't know how to come to a resolution. Conflict doesn't equate to failure and it's not a sign that someone should give up on their point of view. In fact, conflict can lead parties to sit down and come to a better resolution that benefits everyone. Getting to that point of resolution involves a few steps and the willing desire of opposing parties to make things work. In order to achieve successful conflict resolution in the workplace, there are a few steps to consider.