August, 2016

Five Financial Steps for Getting Your Startup off the Ground

Startups need funding to expand their new businesses. With a vast amount of funding opportunities online and within your community, you're on the road to acquiring a strong presence in your industry. Take care of the basic groundwork before you begin seeking funding and test your idea by getting clients now. Remember, part of your funding can come from your current sales. This article will review five steps to generate the rest of your funds to move your business forward. Focus on sales now to add the funds to your business bank account later and establish your accounting practices early. Soon your efforts will draw in success when you decide to pursue investors and other funds from creditors.

5 Solid Business Strategies That Will Help Improve Your Business

Having a plan of attack is quintessential to effective business management. No successful entrepreneur or CEO has accomplished fame and fortune by blindly directing their company. It's a surefire way to spearhead any enterprise down to bankruptcy. Luckily for the modern day entrepreneur, you don't need to come up with strategies out of thin air. Assuming that you've already determined and measured critical profit drivers, below are five solid strategies that can further improve your business without increasing operational expenses.

How to Increase the Productivity of Every Team in Your Business

As a business leader, it falls on you to ensure that all teams within your organization are working effectively. Constant diligence and attentiveness are required to maintain a productive team structure, but unfortunately, the time it takes to keep up this model is time that most entrepreneurs simply don’t have. Rather than sticking your employees under a microscope with constant surveillance, the solution to your efficiency challenges lies with finding the best systems and automation processes to improve workflow.

4 Signs Your Business Could Use an Organizational Development Specialist

When business operations seem to be getting out of control, it becomes essential to reassess and look at alternatives. Very often, however, busy organizations don't have the time or resources to initiate a complex process of analysis and change. Here are four signs that it might be time to bring in outside help.

Existing Methods Don't Work

Small-business processes that worked with less than a dozen employees won't work as effectively when you have a hundred people trying to coordinate their efforts. For example, new technologies and a different management approach may be needed when a small order fulfillment staff grows to multiple shifts or teams. It's wise to review the effectiveness of existing procedures at regular periods.

Is Your Business Prepared for The Big One?

It was about a year ago that Kathryn Schulz brought Cascadia to the world’s attention. For those who haven’t read, the Cascadia quake that could happen at any moment is the Big One that we’ve all been warned about. It turns out that it isn’t a myth. It’s a real thing and it could happen any day now. Are you ready?

Disaster preparedness is not only the purview of private citizens. It is in every business owner’s best interest to make sure that their companies are prepared. Here are some tips on how you can ensure that your company is prepared for the worst.

Loyalty Programs and What They Can Do for Your Business

Some people believe that in retail, all you need to do is persuade people to buy your goods. However, this kind of attitude is not only simplistic, but also quite short sited. The key is not to persuade people to buy from you, but to buy from you over and over again. This is what is known as repeat business and it is the only way for your business to secure a steady source of income. The most reliable way of achieving this is probably through loyalty programs. With this in mind, here are a few things you should know about loyalty programs and what they can do for you.

Three Words You Should Stop Calling Millennials

Lazy. Entitled. Disloyal. I’ve heard it all.

The Millennial generation is no stranger to stereotypes.

Introducing yourself as a Millennial strategist usually leads to a confused look and the inevitable question: “So what’s wrong with you guys”—or some form of it.

Manage Your Business Like a Pro

Do you ever feel at times like managing your business is getting the better of you? If so, what can you do to lessen that feeling?

As more and more business owners are discovering, having the right software in place to make managing your business less complicated is the road to travel.

For instance, what if you had software that could remind you (and your clients) of all your appointments, along with helping you record all transactions and more?

5 Things That Are Holding Your Small Business Back

Social Media Presence

Are you on Snapchat? What about Twitter? Facebook? There are people who argue against using social media and those that argue for using social media. If you do decide to use social media, chose the one(s) where your audience is most active and put your resources into that. There’s no reason to do Pinterest if no one from your audience is there.

Avoid Missing Out on All-Important Customer Payments

If your customers did not pay you regularly, how long until you went out of business?

Unfortunately, some business owners find getting paid on time turns into more of a chore than it really should be.

That said you can sleep better at night when you make sure you have invested in the right technology to have those invoices sent out on time, making it easier for customers to in fact pay you on time.