October, 2016

How to Reduce Business Expenses

One of the most important goals a business owner can have, is to increase business profitability. Cutting expenses is one way to do it. However, this is not always easy to do, because sometimes it requires a lot of sacrifice. Nevertheless, with proper suggestions, the costs can be cut considerably.

Turn to Cloudsourcing

Hiring a new employee is one of the highest costs

4 Things Small Business Owners Should Know Before Renting an Office

For many small business owners, renting an office is a sign things are moving in the right direction. However, when renting an office, there are plenty of things business owners need to know. Considered one of a company's highest expenses, it's critical mistakes be kept to a minimum during this process. To make sure all goes well when it's time to rent an office, here are four of the most important points business owners should keep in mind.

4 Mistakes That Could Cost Your Restaurant Its Business License

If you run your own restaurant, it is important that you always remain compliant with the law so that you can stay in business. Certain violations could cost your restaurant its business license, and you will want to know the facts so that you can stay better protected. Here are four mistakes that could put your restaurant’s business license in jeopardy.

Serving Alcohol Without the Proper Permits

Management Masterpiece: 3 Ways To Take The Headache Out Of HR

Human resources is a pivotal role in all business. You not only have to build the workforce, you have to maintain it. There may be employees who aren't living up to expectations, others who produce but refuse to conform with the company culture, and the constant need for balancing pay rates and benefits for everyone. Even in small companies, HR management can be a nightmare. Fortunately there are ways to reduce the headaches.

4 Ideas the Best Entrepreneurs Use to Their Advantage

As today's business world becomes more competitive, successful entrepreneurs are having to work harder than ever to stay ahead of the competition. Whether it's customer service, technology, or any of the other numerous aspects of business, it's clear it takes more than just a great idea to make a million dollars. Therefore, the best entrepreneurs constantly navigate the uncertainty of the business world to find the best ideas that can be used to their advantage. If you're an entrepreneur and looking to be the best at what you do, here are four ideas that will guarantee success.

Tips for Earning from Online Auctions

While auctions themselves are as old as human civilization, online auctioning is a relatively new occurrence. Still, seeing how trade is generally migrating into the digital environment, it draws in a lot of people. Sure, some are just looking to purchase an item they need at a more affordable price, but others have different plans. Those most ambitious are already conceiving ways to make a fortune from online auctions. Here are few tips we have learned by observing them.

The Top 7 Things You Need to Start a Successful Restaurant

Opening the doors to your restaurant for the first time will be one of the most exciting moments in your life. Entrepreneurs have an incredible amount of flexibility with their day-to-day operations, but it doesn't take much for all of that had work to go down the drain. Here is a look at seven things every business owner needs to keep their restaurant in the green.

Could You Properly Manage Employees?

Running a business takes a number of talents, talents which are not always easily obtained.

In order to best oversee a company, having as much hands-on experience and education in managing employees is crucial. That said are you comfortable when you look at your education and skills in order to open and run a business down the road?

Reputation Management: How to Make Bad News About Your Business Go Away

Everyone knows that reputation can make or break any business. In the pre-Internet days, getting bad press for your brand meant that you had a short-term crisis to address. In today's online marketplace, bad news about your brand can have impacts on company strength long after the initial shock of the crisis has passed. If you want to build long-term brand success, it's essential that you know how to make bad news go away. It's possible when you adopt proactive reputation management practices.

How to Create a Powerful Office Environment That Will Impress Your Clients

There is a saying that states that you never get a second chance to create a first impression. As an owner or a manager of a company, you ought to know that a client starts deciding whether or not to do business with you the moment that they step through the doors to your office and long before you open your mouth.

It Starts in the Parking Lot