February, 2018

The Seven Daily Habits of the Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs

Daily habits of successful entrepreneurs are what you can practice; they are not hard for any aspiring entrepreneurs. A few days ago, I contacted a Nigerian businessman, a well-grounded mobile money expert, on how he designed his day. He Pointed out so many things I think could be of help to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Waking up very early is good for you, it gives you time to prepare ahead. When you wake up very early, you have more time to arrange your daily activities. You arrange your bags, finalized some works so you can forge ahead.

Marketing 101: 3 Ways Your Online Presence Can Positively Affect Your Business

Building an online presence is something that all business owners should work on to improve their overall marketing. Some, however, still aren’t clear on exactly what the benefits of a larger online presence are. Here are three of the most important ways in which your business’ online presence can positively impact its sales, earnings, and profits.

How to Profit from the Crypto Craze without Actually Investing in Them

Bitcoin hit record highs in the price per coin and total valuation in 2017. Yet it fell 30% in late December 2017. It continued to fall to below $10,000 by mid-January. Alt-coins, alternative cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, have followed a similar trend. All of these alt-coins come with their own risks if you own them directly. Here are a few tips on how to profit from the crypto craze without investing directly.

How to Make Money Fast

If you’re looking for some fast cash, there are ways in which you can up your income quickly. Whether you need it to fix your car, want to book a vacation, or you just want a little bit of extra cash, here are some ways to get started.

Sell, sell, sell

Budding Business? 5 Small Details That Will Make a Big Difference

If you are opening a business, you have a lot ahead of you. No matter how much you prepared and developed a seemingly knockout business plan, there are still things to learn. A lot of businesses fall by the wayside due to managers thinking in terms of big picture, but not considering the minor factors that are important. Here are five small details that will make a big difference in terms of keeping your company afloat.

Start off 2018 Smart: Financial Decisions to Make Your Small Business Flourish

Every day business owners have to deal with planning. Short- and long-term plans are the undeniable and necessary part of any business - small or big. It’s a constant process since it requires adjustments and corrections based on the periodical reports.

One of those plans includes financial decisions which are based on estimates. Analyzing data from the market and using the sales, production and cash forecasts, businesses are able to forecast financial actions. This is the job of CFO, but even the business owner needs to know more about finances to be able to work on the company’s growth.

Aspiring Entrepreneur? 3 Tips for Starting Your Own Business

There’s a certain allure to the idea of starting your own business. You’ll be your own boss, you’ll have full control of whether you succeed or fail, and your potential income is theoretically unlimited. Of course, the dream of being a business owner fades away for many as they deal with the everyday grind of running a company and trying to get it off the ground. Knowing how to start a business is key, and here are three tips that will help you make those business dreams a reality.

How To Pick An LMS For Your Business

A growing number of businesses today make use of learning management systems to onboard new employees and train existing ones. The benefits of such a tool are quite obvious - it helps businesses organize large volumes of training data in one place. It also helps the organization monitor the performance of its learners and make learning more effective through increased accessibility, better personalization and improved resource allocation.

Striking a Balance Between Live Chat and Chatbots — When Do You Need Human Support?

Chatbots can be a valuable tool for your business. Whether you’re a small company that needs to offer constant customer support or a midsize organization with an in-house help desk, there are significant benefits to using chatbots. For instance, a single chatbot can have engaging conversations with multiple users at the same time, it’s inexpensive to set up 24/7 chat, and most users are willing to communicate with a brand through a chatbot.

Why Should Every Small Business Owner Consider Investing in Professional Graphic Design?

Small businesses often do not pay too much attention to graphic design primarily because they believe it is too costly for them to bear. Many small business entrepreneurs also think that they do not need graphic design for their companies at all as it will not help them in revenue generation. However, internet experts say that graphic design helps in making your business successful and this is why it is required for a small business as well.