October, 2018

25 Spookily Effective Social Media Campaign Ideas for this Halloween (+ ready-made graphics)

Well, it’s no news: the spooky season is a special time for all of us, especially for marketers and business owners. Every year, brands spend millions and use their creativity to find the best Halloween campaign that will blow their fans’ minds.

Roughly 179 million Americans celebrated Halloween last year, spending a record $9.1 billion dollars on holiday purchases. The most popular products? You guessed it: candy, costumes, and decor.

4 Ways to Become Debt Free Before Starting a Business

Starting your own business isn’t cheap, so the last thing that you want is to be lumbered with past debts before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. Whether you’re paying off credit cards, car loans, or something else, becoming debt-free before starting your own business is a move that makes sense. Getting rid of debts will mean that there’s less for you to worry about as you try to get your new company off the ground, in addition to improving your chances of securing the business funding that you need. Here are just some of the best ways to get out of debt before starting a business.

Keeping Up with ISO 45001 Right From Your Phone

The recent ISO 45001 is a comprehensive update to the health and safety standards of more than two dozen countries. With companies like Colas Rail, Eurovia, Morgan Sindall, Overbury, and Ringway Jacobs quickly receiving accreditation, global enterprises should take note: the key to certification can be accessed right on your smartphone.<--break- />

With mobile inspection software on the rise, now is the perfect time to streamline your quality audits and get ready to meet ISO compliance headon.

3 Easy Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Their SEO

According to BrightEdge, an eye-popping 40% of business revenue came from organic search traffic in 2017. Because of stats like this, most business owners understand that by ignoring search engine optimization, your business is leaving a lot of money on the table. Regardless, many business owners still feel overwhelmed about SEO.

5 Creative Ways to Offer the Best Customer Service Experience

Did you know that a dissatisfied customer will tell between 9 and 15 people about their negative experience? This is catastrophic for business. Word of mouth, reviews, and your reputation can virtually make or break your business. This is just one reason why your customer service needs to be on point and impeccable. If you’re currently struggling with pleasing customers, check out 5 creative ways to bump up you customer service game and leave customers with a smile.

SMS Marketing Is Literally The Best Idea Ever – Here’s why

You just heard the SMS tone on your phone. It can be a simple message from your boss congratulating on your new post or even an irresistible text offer from the favorite retail store or chain. What will be your first thing to do? Well, obviously to open it to go through the entire message and understand what it says. If you swipe the message left and delete it without even reading it, then you are not that clever. Personally, most of the people will definitely open up the message at least once and will surely go through it completely before deleting.

How a fashion business venture can be effectively promoted by using Instagram

If you are someone who owns a fashion related business venture or a retail store for selling clothing items, then it is vital that you must have profiles set up on different social media applications to ensure that more and more people get to learn about your business products and your clothing line and fashion items and clothes. Being a business owner, you should already know why social media is vital for your success as it helps more people to learn about your products. However, different social media platforms are suited to different types of businesses.

Mistakes Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs Never Make Twice

When you enter the business world, it’s inevitable that some things won’t go your way. The worst part lies in the fact that there are some mistakes that you’re likely to make no matter how hard you try or how much effort you invest in preparing for your debut in the business world. While there’s a certain degree of tolerance here, there are some mistakes that you can only afford to make once. Here are six of them.

Top 8 tips for budding entrepreneurs aspiring to make it big

So, you are all set to quit your job for your new venture? That’s grand! The ability to be your own boss is one of the most powerful things in the world. But as we know, with great power comes great responsibilities. The path that you have chosen is a challenging one yet worth it- provided you know how to do it right.

Is It Time to Go Into Business for Yourself?

Have you been tinkering with the idea for a while now of opening up a small business? If you said yes, you are not alone in such a venture.

For many folks, the idea of throwing away corporate jobs and starting a business is appealing.

Among the pluses to such a move would be being your own boss and having the freedom to choose when and how much you work.