November, 2019

Amazing Instagram Promotion Tactics You Can Use to Get Real Results

If you manage a brand online, you probably know by now that Instagram is a big deal.

According to Statista, about 1 billion people use the platform actively every month as at 2018.

Not only that, the level of engagement of these users is on the high side, with brands generating over 4x more interactions on Instagram compared to Facebook.

A Quick guide to Create SEO Friendly Content in 2020

According to a study, the majority of people using a search engine are more likely to click one of the top 6 suggestions in the search engine results pages.

Many people think that writing an SEO content means that the content should be Google friendly so they keyword stuffing, but it today's scenario it is not valid. Google has updated its algorithm, and its AI can easily understand the quality of content as well.

7 Super Tips for Organizing Online Events

If you aren’t used to hosting online events like webinars, it might seem like a very difficult and time-consuming task. Content marketers constantly emphasize the value of these events and how much they contribute to the brand. This puts a lot of pressure on the host and speakers to deliver the best possible results. It’s not a very well understood process, but the numbers show that webinars are pretty effective tools for brands. Below you’ll find some tips on how to make your webinars more successful.

The Benefits of Using VR for Educational Purposes

Virtual reality is one of the more exciting technological discoveries of the 21st century. While it started as a gaming industry, it rapidly grew and infused itself into other fields. Today we can find VR in medicine, science, and many other fields. Still, one of the best ways to use VR is for the purpose of learning. There are multiple benefits of using VR for educational purposes, so let's see what they are!


Using VR for educational purposes

5 Tips For Building An Online Brand Presence

If you’ve recently started a business and are dipping your feet into the entrepreneurial world, then it’s critical that you learn the importance of building an online presence.

Some people may shy away from doing it at first because it can be very time-consuming. However, it’s incredibly important since it’s how people find you and get to know your business.

How to Boost Your Stagnant Business Towards Success in 2020

While it is not uncommon for small businesses to have to struggle in order to achieve profitability, attempting to manage such a venture can pose a number of unique challenges. Dealing with a startup that has yet to turn or profit or attempting to guide a small business out of a slump may require a range of resources. From retooling your business model to curbing overhead costs, there are plenty of ways to give your business a boost in the new year.

4 SEO Hacks to Skyrocket Your Online Business

If you’re running an online business based in Australia, you’re probably pretty knowledgeable about SEO and the practices used to improve website rankings. You try to keep your website optimized, but it’s not always showing optimal search engine rankings. There are just too many small factors that determine how search engines will see your website. What if there were some pretty simple hacks that could help keep your website at the top of results pages? Luckily, there are a couple that not every business utilizes.

How to Deal with a Late Payer - 5 Tips for SMB-Owners

Late payers are among the most common problems for many new business owners. Now getting paid for your work on time is an unpleasant situation for every entrepreneur. However, the destiny of new business owners depends on every single payment they (don’t) receive.

That’s why rookie SMB-owners need to learn how to cope with such problems beforehand. We’ve been there, as well as many of our collaborators. So, we’ve decided to gather the top five most effective strategies that will ensure timely payments for new entrepreneurs.


Customer Engagement Online Strategies during the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the busiest shopping times of the year. Every year, millions of people jump online to find the best deals of the holiday season. Major events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring in a staggering amount of business every year. Black Friday in 2018 pulled in $6.22 billion in online sales alone. That is 23.6% more than 2017, a new record high according to Adobe Analytics. Black Friday 2018 also saw over $2 billion in sales from only smartphones. There is a significant amount of money to be made during the holiday season, but that means every business will be competing for every customer. In online retail, there is even more competition, as the Internet is international. It is important to keep your customers engaged lest they decide to shop somewhere else. Fortunately, there are strategies to keep your customers engaged during the online holiday shopping season.

Digital Marketing: An Integral Part of Business

With high-speed internet access, people are going crazy and spend about their 40% of their daily time on surfing, browsing, and chatting. This scenario has changed globally. Every year 5% of adults are continuously adding.