July, 2020

3 eCommerce Optimization Steps Small Businesses Should Take Right Now

For quite a while now, there's been evidence that eCommerce was marching inexorably to dominance over in-person brick-and-mortar sales. Even to the untrained eye, the meteoric rise of Amazon was enough to make that clear. But for many small businesses, going digital just wasn't on the agenda. Some thought it fruitless to engage online with competitors already dominating the market. Others favored building the local customer bases that sustained their bottom lines.

10 Financial Tips for Small Business Owners


The best way to follow your dreams, call your shots, and be independent is by starting your enterprise. But being a small business owner, you need to be responsible for the financial condition and expenses of your company. Let’s find out how you can handle your financial situation.

The Type of People You Need In Your Business to Flourish

Starting a business takes a lot of work. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably already familiar with this fact. When your business is at ground zero, it’s all up to you or — if you’re lucky — a team of two or three individuals to put in the sweat equity required to get things off the ground.


Once you’re airborne, though, you can’t continue to exclusively lean on your own efforts. A failure to delegate responsibility has always been a classic downfall for small business owners. As your business grows, your staff must grow along with it. But you can’t start hiring people simply because they walked through your door or you like their vibe.

Client Engagement Tools to Enhance Your Business

Your clients are your business’s lifeline. It is crucial to make them feel valued and cherished. This is a tall order as it demands that you take every opportunity to engage with each client. It doesn’t seem practical. However, it is doable if you use the right client engagement tools. Following is an overview of 5 client engagement tools to enhance your business.

5 Details That Make Your New Business Look Established

Starting a new company can be difficult. You need to establish yourself in order for people to trust you and do business with you. Here are some things you can do to make yourself look established when you’re still a new business.

Professional Website

Most people use the internet to look up a company before working with them. Your website can be your first chance to capture a customer's attention. You want to create a website that stands out from the other websites. It also needs to look clean and professional. If a site is glitchy or looks outdated, potential clients may leave it and search for new businesses. If you don’t have the experience to put together a website that looks professional, work with a professional to get the look you want.

Management Tips to Help You Deal with Remote Work

For those managers who thrive off the human touch, being around their employees to motivate them, assign them tasks, and get them hitting targets, the lockdown has represented a considerable challenge. With employees increasingly working from home – even now that the virus appears to be on the downward turn – this has been a watershed moment for managers and firms to get used to. The ‘new normal’ of managing your human resources remotely has dawned. Here are some tips to help you get up to speed with this new normal, managing from afar instead of from the office.

5 Tips To Manage A Company Budget For Capital Expenditure

Capital expenditure is a cost a company incurs to grow the business. This cost must make a taxable profit for the company over some time. Hence, proper planning is required when handling capital expenditure. To make the right capital expenditure, you must make good decisions. 

Managing Anxiety When Working From Home

People all over the world are working from home as the coronavirus pandemic continues globally. While the respite from a commute and office politics can be a relief, working from home can also produce anxiety and worry. From juggling work with kids, pets, and a spouse nearby to missing time spent with co-workers, there’s plenty to feel anxious about. Not to mention the uncertainty that goes with a pandemic and when your work life will return to normal. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to relieve anxiety at home and stay on top of your workplace obligations.

A Business Survival Guide for COVID-19

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic. And unfortunately, this looks as though it is going to be a long-term problem for many even once the threat of the virus has passed. Businesses that are able to adapt and innovate will be the ones that are able to thrive. Therefore, it is helpful to know a few positive changes that your company can make now which will help you manage during this challenging period and come out the other side ready to succeed. Read on for a few helpful tips.

3 Reasons Selling Your Startup Now Makes Sense

There are many keys to being a good business owner.

One of the critical ones is to know timing and how to handle it.

From when to buy a company to when to part ways with it; you want to be on the right side of such critical decisions.

With that in mind, what are some reasons selling a startup now would make a lot of sense for you?