January, 2021

5 Must-Have Operational KPIs to Measure Business Productivity

Maximizing the operational productivity of their organizations has always been the core focus of businesses across the globe. For this operational KPIs were brought into the equation.

Operational KPIs encompass the quantifiable value expressing business performance over a certain period of time.

5 Things to Know Before Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business is an exciting time. But amidst the joy of building something with your own hands and the alluring promise of an escape from your 40-hour-a-week grind, inexperienced entrepreneurs often forget to do their due diligence. Build a strong foundation for your business by understanding these five important things:

Manual Guide: How To Increase Your Site Traffic

The fact that you have a website or blog means that you need traffic on it. You need website visitors that will perform the actions that you want them to on your site. So, while it’s essential to get people on your website in large numbers, it is equally important that they don’t just come and go like that. The percentage of clicks will determine the quality of your website traffic on your CTA, who buys a product, subscribes to your newsletter, etc.

5 Tips to Help Improve Your Online Business

Through the evolution of technology, we can purchase products without moving from our homes or offices. Online business or e-business has erased the need to physically move from one location to another in search of a product. All you need is an internet connection, and you can purchase a product, whether in the country or outside. Therefore, an online business is any business whose transactions are over the internet.

6 Steps To Identify Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter For Your Business

With the surge in modern-day data-collection tools like Machine Learning, AI, IoT, and other data analytics software, marketers are getting all kinds of information regarding their customers and the market as a whole. But the main challenge is to separate business-critical data from heaps of irrelevant information.

The Secret to Close More Business Deals During the Pandemic

The COVID pandemonium did more damage to the business fraternity and the economy at large than one could have ever thought of. The dawn of the new normal looks promising; however, it's also clear that things aren't going to be the same as before anytime soon. Some aspects of the business have already been changed for good.

6 Tips to Become a Medical Entrepreneur and Build a Successful Career in Healthcare

While the global job economy might not be at its strongest point yet, the healthcare industry still remains one of the biggest and most consistent career providers. What’s more, with the increasing need for medical care and the constant technological advancements providing new means to solve common problems, there has truly never been a better time to start your own business in healthcare than now. If you want to become a medical entrepreneur yourself, here are some of the best and most efficient tips for building a successful career in healthcare:

Working Smarter: 5 Strategies for Improving Business Productivity

It's no secret that all businesses rely on the productivity of their employees. If your employees aren't productive, your company cannot grow or develop further. That's why it's vital to take good care of your employees and ensure that they have everything they need to do their job well.

In most cases, many employers believe that modern technology and various tools will solve the productivity issue. However, as helpful as modern technology is, it's not always the solution that's required.

Marketing Tips for Salon Businesses: Top 10 tips

Want to get more profit from your salon business?


Maybe you're looking for new marketing ideas to grow your beauty business? Or perhaps you just want to freshen up your salon's marketing tactics in the upcoming year?

The Most Common Small Business Problems and Solutions

Starting and running a small business is a dream of many potential entrepreneurs. The problem lies in the fact that 9 out of 10 of these businesses eventually fail. Why? Well, mostly because they’re unprepared to face the challenges that lie ahead. Now, the first step in avoiding a trap lies in knowing that there is one, to begin with. The second step lies in understanding different types of traps that you’re dealing with and finding a way around them. Here are six such issues that you need to be aware of.