March, 2021

How to support your beautician business during COVID via the internet

The lockdown has been a challenge for the whole world. Even in countries that have handled the pandemic well, businesses have been closed and are dealing with constant uncertainty. The beautician business, more than most other sectors, has been hit hard. These companies are often the first to be shut down, with no chance for face-to-face interaction with clients, and then they are the last to be allowed to open.

The internet has been the means for most to work from home. However, how is it possible for beauticians to use the virtual world to keep their business going? Here we explore the ways the sector could prosper online.

How to Expand Your Real Estate Business

A real estate business is a long-term investment which, when done right, can offer a profitable outcome. If you are already on the property ladder there are many ways to invest in real estate, but not every route will lead to business growth. Here is a quick guide to help you expand your real estate business successfully.


Find a Niche

Great news, you have successfully achieved your first property, perhaps you even have a string of homes under your belt. So, what’s next? One great way to grow your business is to find a niche and then stick with it. With so much competition on the market, the best way to expand is to hone in on one particular area and become an expert in it.

3 Digital Marketing Tips for Online Casinos

Current-generation technology, specifically the Internet, has presented business owners with an accessible and versatile platform to reach their target audiences more effectively and proactively. It has also provided consumers with channels to allow them to interact and develop stronger relationships with brands. And one industry that continues to rely on and leverage the World Wide Web to attract and engage users is gaming. In this highly competitive sector, establishing an online presence and creating exposure is essential to success. In this guide, we’ll explore a few tips that should maximise your online casino’s exposure online. Read on to find out more.

How to Launch an Affiliate Program That Drives Revenue?

There is no magic bullet for lead generation; what works for one company cannot work for another.


However, when used correctly, several lead-generation techniques yield results and effectively generate new sales.


We're talking about affiliate marketing, which is used by 81% of brands in some capacity. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of developing a profitable affiliate program for your business.

5 Ways Slow Networks Impact Businesses

Slow networks within businesses are frustrating for everyone using them, and nobody wants to wait five minutes for their web page to load!


More than being frustrating, having a slow network can impact your business in multiple areas, which is why it's well worth taking the time to address your network cabling rather than just putting up with it.