October, 2022

How User Experience (UX) Design Works

The key to UX design is user research.  This is the basis of product differentiation and staying ahead of the competition. You need to know what problem you are solving for consumers and what they are looking for in a solution.

Designing products involves repeating the five stages of design thinking until you can satisfy the customer with user-friendly products. UX design is the ultimate end goal while design thinking is the practical path to get there.

Top 10 Best Platforms for Selling Online

In the past, if you wanted to sell something, you had to rely on bazaars and garage sales. Luckily, nowadays, there are many more options. A wide range of apps and online platforms make selling anything simple and carefree. However, whether you only want to get rid of some extra items you don't need or to start your own online business, the beginning can be challenging. There are many other factors you need to consider. What's best for you will depend on your plans, resources, and preferences. So, where to start? Here we'll provide an informative beginners guide and suggest some of the best platforms for selling online!

Why You Should Develop Your Employees' Skills

One of the best ways to improve employee productivity and satisfaction is to invest in their skills development. Not only will employees be more effective and efficient in their work, but they will also be happier because they will feel valued and recognized for their talents. There are many ways you can develop your employees' skills and many benefits that can come as a result.

Business Lessons Learnt From Two Years Of Pandemic

The past two years have been a roller coaster ride for businesses struggling to maintain their profits amidst a global calamity. The COVID-19 pandemic engulfed every domain and industry and left them marred with uncertainty. It has been the most challenging period for entrepreneurs after the recession of 1991. It made them display their resilience and persistence to survive and thrive in any condition.

How Can You Keep Your Employees Happy?

Your employees are vital in keeping your business operating smoothly, whether you have a big or small company to manage. Although you might get preoccupied with other aspects of running your enterprise, it’s essential to keep your employees’ well-being and happiness as a top priority.

If your staff are unsatisfied at work, this can lead to a drop in productivity and a high employee turnaround, both of which disrupt your operations and can hold your business back. Furthermore, you could risk building a negative reputation as an employer, which could make it difficult to hire staff in the future.

7 Steps to Launching a Business From Your Rental

You’ve always wanted to work from home and be your own boss - but you’ve been waiting until you’re ready to buy a home to try to make this dream come true. You don’t have to hold yourself back any longer, even if you’re living in a rental! With the right approach, you can run a business right from your rental.

How Your Brand Logo Can Help Attract Investors

Finding investors to get on board with your start-up company can be challenging. Businesses with a proven track record in the industry may not have trouble doing that, but it may not be the case for newbies. Since there is no evidence of profitability as of this moment, all you can offer is a clear plan for the business. Your experience, knowledge, and skills in the field, including that of your people, will also help you get the funding you need to get started.

What You Need to Know About Boosting Sales in your Ecommerce Business

The chances are your eCommerce business started out very small. It might have begun with you selling your unwanted items on a well-known auction site and built from there. You’ve probably only really done it in your spare time before now, but the cost of living has increased, or maybe you have ambitions of turning your business into your full-time money earner.

How to start your own car rental business

How to start a car rental business from scratch, how much investment is needed at the start, and what problems you will face.

The car rental market has been around for some time and is growing and growing every year, cities are growing, which means that the need for rental is growing. When going on vacation to Dubai, looking at the distances there and seeing the cost of a taxi, the thought immediately arises of addressing SUV car rental dubai. Even by renting a large SUV, you can travel more profitably by car than by taxi or public transport.