Are Your Employees on Time?

What keeps you up at night as a small business owner?

Some running companies may point to the current economy. Others might zero in on how expensive it can be to run a small business. Still others could focus in on finding the best talent at the best price.

Yes, talent.

Face it, without your employees, you more than likely would not be in business in the first place.

While there are plenty of one man and one woman shows nationwide doing a good job of running their own companies, many have found over time that having help on the job is all but essential.

Haste Makes Waste

In the small businesses where ownership has deemed it necessary to hire full and part-time help, here are some of the factors that the business owner must keep in mind:

  1. Salary and benefits – First and foremost, what kind of pay structure will be in place for workers? Many small businesses have to keep a tight budget in place, so that may mean limited salaries and a portion of or no benefits. Others that have more financial capacity can pay better and offer its workers healthcare benefits;
  2. Scheduling – You can have the best employees in the world, but all their talents are of little use if they have trouble coming and going to work on time. While some business owners may feel comfortable using an “honor code” with their workers, others find sticking to a schedule is a necessary means. With a schedule template, business owners can simply add workers, add shifts, maintain coverage of overtime and project their labor expenses, allowing them to stay on budget. Given employees may have emergencies and such, having the schedule template in place allows for easy changes to the daily needs of your company;
  3. Politics – Finally, it is critical that small business owners with employees do their best to prevent and eliminate any office politics. In cases where some workers view one or more co-workers as getting special treatment, a rift can quickly develop. If that happens, you could find your company’s productivity to be less than what it should be. By making sure your employees are paid decent wages, given a schedule that not only is best for the company but also allows for the most production from the employee and always looking at ways to grow your business, you stand the best chance of succeeding. In the event the salaries are mediocre at best, employees come and go as they want oftentimes amounting to late arrivals and there is no forward thinking by both you and your employees, you position your business for potential failure.

When you run your own business and are responsible for employees, make sure that you give them the tools to succeed.

With good wages and benefits, no office politics and a schedule that everyone can agree on, you’re in business to become successful.

About the author

Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as human resources and running a small business.


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