Are Your Workers Healthy on the Job?

As a small business owner, you have responsibilities beyond the basics.

You not only have to make sure your business runs successfully, but also that your workers are healthy and happy. Healthy and happy workers are more productive and take fewer days off for illness and doctor appointments.

Just as importantly, by promoting an atmosphere of good health and well-being, you set a standard that makes your company a better place to be overall.

If you like this idea but you're just not sure how to get there and what changes to make, take a look at these suggestions...

• Food - It's not up to you to make sure your employees are getting all of their vitamins and minerals, but you can help get them on the road to healthy snacking. Maybe take out the vending machine loaded with high calorie and artificial snacks and have a refrigerator where your employees can store their lunches and healthy snacks. You can treat them to a fruit bar or some other healthy indulgence a few times a month if your budget allows. A healthy potluck every so often for lunch is a fun idea, like a "Souper Friday" or Salad Day, where people bring in their favorite healthy soup or salad to share (sharing a meal is also great for camaraderie).

• Water - We all know how important it is to drink enough water, but do we do it? Water can help with everything from combatting fatigue and headaches, to promoting productivity and joint health. When we are dehydrated, we tend to feel bad overall so the more water, the better all around. Supply a water cooler and maybe some reusable water bottles to your employees (think about your logo on the water bottles ... ).

• Sunlight - Sunlight isn't always possible according to Mother Nature, but if you can provide a small outdoor spot where your employees can take a break now and then, this will add to their overall health and well-being. Just a few minutes outside can do wonders for productivity and rejuvenation. Even if it's just a table or two where they can have lunch, weather permitting or take a small break, it just helps to step outside for a few minutes.

• Chairs - Chairs seem like a pretty general piece of office furniture, but for your employees that are sitting for long periods of time, a chair can make a big difference in back and posture health. The splurge of back friendly chairs may enhance back comfort as well as overall joint health. This in turn will keep your employees healthier and more comfortable; no one likes to work with back or other joint pain.

• Exercise - If you have space and resources, offer up a yoga class or take an early morning or after work walk together. Even if it's just one of your employees that loves yoga teaching the class in your front room, it's a great way to get a healthy day started.

Little things make a difference in your company's health and well-being, and by promoting them, you're showing your employees you care about them.

Not only might your employees' health improve, but the whole atmosphere in your office will probably take a positive turn as well.

About the author

 Heather Legg is an independent writer who focuses on small business, social media, and health trends.


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