Big Opportunities for Small Businesses

The biggest success a entrepreneur can have when starting a business, is getting a big customer. Small businesses or small suppliers look for big businesses to buy their products, so that businesses have a steady stream of orders to fulfill and make money off. Big companies are starting to realize that there is much to gain by finding a small supplier that is capable of providing the niche products that more and more consumers are looking for. As a result, more and more big businesses are starting to connect more and more with small businesses in order to service the mass consumer market.

I recently came across an article in Businessweek, about how big businesses are creating a system that will allow small suppliers to find big buyers and vice versa. According to the author, John Tozzi, more than a dozen companies that spend more than a combined $300 billion on outside suppliers have created a web site called Supplier Connection, where small businesses can register for the chance to do business with the big guys. The basic idea is that small businesses and suppliers can complete a single application on the website, in order to be considered for contracts by all the corporations in the group.

This is how the system works. Companies with less than $50 million in revenue or 500 employees sign up on the site and enter detailed information about what services or products they sell, their company finances, and their certifications. While small businesses can't browse contract opportunities on the site, large companies can draw on the database when scouting potential vendors. So the system is relatively simple and small businesses have nothing to lose. The Small Business Administration is sending notice to 50,000 businesses already registered as government contractors to alert them about the Supplier Connection site. According to Suppliers Connection, nearly 1,000 small businesses have registered so far into the system.

This is a revolutionary step in business to business relationship and connection. Some of the major companies that have signed up for Suppliers Connection are AT&T, IBM, Facebook, Caterpillar, Pfizer, Citigroup, and some of the other major banks. In order to register at Supplier Connection, and have your company in the running for business with the big boys, you can click on the hyperlink, Supplier Connection. There are no fees required to register for Supplier Connection, whether you are the supplier or the buyer, and it is an easy and effective way to get your product out to the biggest market makers in your industry. The big companies involved in Supplier Connection span across many industries, thus giving small businesses of any type a chance at success. To find out more about the latest business trends, please join us on!

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