Budding Business? 5 Small Details That Will Make a Big Difference

If you are opening a business, you have a lot ahead of you. No matter how much you prepared and developed a seemingly knockout business plan, there are still things to learn. A lot of businesses fall by the wayside due to managers thinking in terms of big picture, but not considering the minor factors that are important. Here are five small details that will make a big difference in terms of keeping your company afloat.


Diligent record-keeping is essential for any business. While any business will keep track of information, you should set yourself apart from the pack by stressing it as much as possible. Have things like detailed expense reports, in both digital and physical forms that show how you spend money and how it compares to your earnings.

Community Outreach

You don’t have to be running for public office to benefit from reaching out to your community. As a small business, you are going to make a difference in your neighborhood and city as a whole. That is, if you choose to do so. Get to know the people in your community and explain what your business does and how you hope to make a positive impact.


Your business needs to have a proper location in order to survive. If you have a location that is too tucked away, it could harm business. However, any location can work if you’re willing to make it work. If your location isn’t ideal, you can still use the power of marketing to get word out about your business.

Employee Morale

You can’t just expect your employees to be satisfied because you gave them a job. Good salary aside, you need to be doing all you can to raise the morale of your employees. You should have your office set up in an appealing manner, with plenty of natural light and good decorations. You should also be checking in regularly with your employees to see how they’re doing on a personal level as well as a professional one. Even something as simple as hiring an HVAC repair company like Dale & Lee's Service Inc. or someone similar to keep the temperature at good temperature can make a difference.

Online Presence

Even if you are running a brick and mortar company, you still need to have some level of online presence. Don’t let it be an afterthought, either. Rather than just starting a website and social media pages and never addressing it, make sure you’re updating them on at least a weekly basis. Consider starting a blog and include plenty of photography that will get people intrigued by further developments within your company. You might also consider having an online store for ordering.

We hope this has given you a great idea of how to keep your new business open. With these small details, you will be able to consider just what is important. Yes, you need to make money from customers and clients. However, you also need to be understanding of the more nuanced, finer picture. With these tips, you can trust your company will be able to handle the long road ahead.

About the author

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing about business and finance and spending time with her dog, Max. Information credited to Fone Angels, smart phone and tablet repairs.


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