Business Productivity with AI & Machine Learning - The Need of The Hour

AI and Machine learning projects are indeed ruling over your customer’s minds with their intelligent features.

Yes! It is true that the journey of a successful business is based on the fact that you are required to know the customer’s ever-changing demands and try to provide them with a solution and service accordingly.

Now, it’s time to know 

How a small business can get the privilege of being a successful one?

Well, no need to explore much as everybody knows that among various technologies, AI and Machine learning development are ruling all over the IT sector.

You must be aware that ML on the basis of previous experiences, predicts future actions. So, it is quite clear that only this technology can help to fulfill your customer’s demands by looking at their past likes and dislikes. 


Let’s have a look at the ways in which AI and Machine learning are helping in business productivity:

1. Improve the customer experience



You will lose your customers if you do not focus on the ever-changing demands of your customers. And as a result, your customers will automatically switch to someplace else in order to fulfill their needs. But Machine learning can help you retain your customers with the help of already collected data about your customers which can properly tell you about their likes and dislikes. 


Machine learning is helpful in indicating to the company the actions they should take to keep their customers happy by creating personalized experiences for each one of them. 


So, if you are taking Machine learning services for your business, this may help you to resolve customer service issues, and in order to check that which leads are valid for a purchase decision and which needs more time to get a solution. 

2. Automate and streamline your business

It is really important to automate and streamline your business in order to make your business more efficient. This is especially beneficial for small scale industries.  


ML-based automation is important as it is able to suggest at what timing a particular task should be done. The multiple kinds of tasks like creating appointment reminders, responding to emails, sending billing notices, generating leads, and engaging on social media can be automated for the well being of your business and thus increase the productivity manifold.


With the help of Machine learning, you can fix various tasks for automation and ML, with the help of its prediction science can predict which task should be done at what timing instead of following a routine drudgery.


There are various companies that are already using AI-informed email and paperwork automation. Chatbots are one of the examples of Machine learning solutions which works as customer service and knows very well when & how to resolve customer queries

3. ML-based Marketing



Only ML-based marketing can help in the understanding of data, analytics, and automation. With the help of machine learning, small businesses come to know how to use the data more efficiently in order to improve marketing performance. 


Machine learning helps to identify more accurate sales projections by looking at their past experiences which seem impossible to you. So, ultimately, this will help to improve your marketing by properly predicting customer profiles and provide them with personalized marketing solutions. 


According to Big data In 2018, 43% of marketers use AI and machine learning to improve predictive models and exceed revenue goals.


This chart reveals the top six ways marketing automation is being used today:


4. Customer Engagement 

Almost everyone is aware of the popularity and the wide use of AI and Ml-powered chatbots. With the help of chatbots, the conversion process between the enterprise and the customers has become automatic. This is really helpful as customers can chat anytime which in-turn increases the productive time of employees of the company. And one of the major advantages of these chatbots is that they are able to chat in multilingual languages.


5. Use smart timesheets for your advantage

You can avoid wasting time in filling-out manual timesheets. With the help of Smart timesheets, you can track your time in a much more easy way. And this helps you to complete your task at a given time. 

6. Maintenance 

Companies are making use of AI and ML-based sensors that are fixed into equipment in order to detect defects before-time. This prediction of maintenance in advance is really helpful in the productivity of the company by minimizing downtime and saving cost and time on unnecessary maintenance activities.


7. You can learn remotely

According to the survey report, it could be said that there is an increase in remote learning. One of the amazing benefits of AI technology is that you can implement it sitting in any part of the world as there is no restriction of location.


So in that case, it could be said that AI is the virtual training assistant who inspires and guides you even if you are out of your workplace. 


8. Baidu – The Future of Voice Search



If we talk about the big names that are running on the basis of Machine learning, then Google heads the list. But apart from google, there is one more name that could be taken into consideration and that is Chinese search engine Baidu. It is also investing heavily in the applications of AI.


The most interesting as well as disconnecting development at Baidu’s R&D lab is called Deep Voice by the company which is basically a deep neural network that can generate entirely synthetic human voices that are very difficult to distinguish from genuine human speech. In order to create an entire recreation of the speaker’s voice, the network can “learn” the unique subtleties in the cadence, accent, pronunciation, and pitch.

9. Efficient transportation 

With the help of Machine learning tools, you can predict delays, traffic jams, or roadblocks and on the basis of that, it will tell you another suitable and alternative route. 


10. Improves Supply chain

Another important step that Machine learning takes for the productivity of the business is in assisting the performance of the management and predicting the possible failures in advance that could happen. So, the aim of this process is to reduce the overall maintenance costs and finally minimize it. 

11. Expand Business Operations

It is true that Machine learning takes care of your business performance while a particular business is running but Machine learning is also helping in predicting the benefits and the failures of the business expansion. Isn’t it interesting? Of course yes! In concern to this  Yael Gavish, writer for Medium writes about machine learning in business use cases and says:


“Data can help you open completely new business opportunities — create brand new products for your existing customers, or serve segments of customers you haven’t served before. For example, Netflix can serve studios, which weren’t the core target audience, by selling them insights from its data on what themes and plot lines work for which audiences; Zillow can help real estate developers understand which building features will get them the highest return on investment, etc.”


With the help of this, the productivity of the business can be improved as machine learning will help entrepreneurs and businesses to take a fresh start on the basis of customer data. 


12. Assign the right staff at the right place

If your team members are not performing to their potential, then this may have a bad effect on our performance as a leader. But with the help of AI technology, this problem can be solved. 


With the help of AI technology, it is possible to find out the needs of staff in the future in order to meet the workplace pressure and verify their real-time performance. Apart from this, with the help of AI technology the level and the skill set of the employees could be checked.

13. Improve User Experience


With the help of Machine learning tools, the UX can be improved as it helps the team to deliver more relevant content to users. With the advantage of Machine learning, big companies are already attracting their customers by showing and recommending the products based on their previous searches. 


When you find some users doing some kind of activity, at that time you can provide them with suggestions or recommendations based on their search history. You can also please them by offering discounts and sales in order to build a strong relationship so that they may return again and again. So if in case, you are planning to start a new business then you can also adopt this strategy in order to make a healthy relationship with the customers. 


14. Security

This technology can protect your business from various frauds as it is capable of tracking data, algorithms as well as in identifying account behavior and detecting fraud. So the security feature of Machine learning can also help in the productivity of the business.

15. Improving Ecommerce Conversion Rates



There was a struggle to vanish the bridge between shopping in stores and shopping online. In order to prove that online shopping is much better in comparison to offline stores, eCommerce sites are still struggling.


Edgecase, formerly known as Compare Metrics, hopes to change that. According to Edgecase, Machine learning is really helpful for eCommerce retailers to improve the experience of the users which in turn would help conversion rates. 


Here are some cloud-based machine learning solutions that will help to boost your marketing productivity:



Twizoo is one of the cloud-based Machine learning tools which helps to optimize and boost good comments of your website on social media platforms. With the help of Machine learning, Twizoo finds positive comments about your brand on each social media platform like Twitter and Instagram and then puts those powerful comments on the most significant pages of your website automatically. 



Phrasee is yet another tool that can boost your email marketing by providing you with the most powerful and relevant words that can help to hit the most useful leads you desire. 



Crayon helps to make a clear vision about the competitors by making use of Machine learning in order to filter out various kinds of signals. 


Web design

Web designing is another area that could be modified with the help of machine learning and will be another trick to make your customers happy. 


Let’s take an example, at uKit Group, the machines are trained in order to evaluate and update the old appearance of the websites with the help of data that is collected from various sources like Web Archive. 


With the help of Web Score AI, the following things of the website should be modified: the structure should be informative, pictures should be in good resolution, fonts and colors should match, frontend code should be modern and mobile-friendly.

Retail Sales

The factors that should be taken into consideration for Retail sales are the weather, time of year and location and it is very difficult to cope up with all these factors while trying to maximize sales. And here Machine learning comes with two kinds of solutions:


Sales Temperature

Sales Temperature is predictive analytics. Previous sales results, weather forecasts, upcoming holidays are predicted and steps are taken in order to increase your revenue. 



With the help of already stored traffic data, employee scheduling, marketing insights, etc Precolata helps in optimizing staffing in order to match your needs.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relation Management (CRM) could be said as a pile of data that is related to your customers. And if this system is based on Machine learning, it can help to analyze what’s there should be more productive. 

Salesforce Einstein

This is one and the only player in this category. This platform helps you to tell you about your customers, their data as well as implement solutions founded on that data. 


Recruiting and Hiring


Recruiting and hiring are also the most significant and time-consuming tasks of small businesses which should be done in a smarter way. That is why Recruiting and hiring process on the basis of Machine learning can help you in a more productive way.  This, you can see with the examples of some ML-based tools: 



This is one of the tools with the help of automating complex and time-consuming tasks such as manual resume screening and candidate sourcing.



This is also one of the AI assistants which, with the help of Machine learning helps in finding out the best quality candidates for particular positions.

Fraud Protection

Every small business has to face the fraudulent and criminal activities which are ever-annoying being a business. But with the help of Machine learning assistants, you can keep an eye over the frauds and can protect yourself against them. 


Sift Science

Sift Science’s Digital Trust platform helps you to stay away from various types of fraudulent activities.

Final words

I hope you got an idea as to how AI and Machine learning may prove useful to make the business productive.


Yes! Machine learning on the basis of previous experience can help to predict the future outcomes for your small business. 


Who does not want to predict the future outcomes of his/her business? Obviously everyone! 

Keeping into consideration the high need for this technology various software consulting companies in India are welcoming you to get this service and flourish your small business.


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