Case Study: How Darren Grew His Twitter Following by 1,000% in 3 Months

Success is all around us. And when the observant entrepreneur looks at others having success, they will learn a lot. That’s why today I want to share a story with you.

Three months ago, Darren decided to invest some time in growing the Twitter account for one of his online properties - (@findbestseo), a sister site to Idea Cafe.

The huge dilemma

Darren knew that with his hectic schedule he wouldn’t be able to keep his Twitter account active all the time. That’s why he decided to try a Twitter automation tool to help him keep his Twitter marketing on track. That’s how he found TwitterGrowth – a tool that automates some of the tasks and keeps his following growing without him having to waste time on tedious tasks like following and unfollowing.

He started with less than 5 followers 3 months ago.

FindBestSEO currently has over thirteen hundred targeted and real followers on Twitter and the account continues to grow daily. That’s a total growth of over 1000%.

But the rapid growth of the following base is just part of the equation. What matters most is the fact that Darren’s tweets are reaching more and more people that are actually interested in what he has to say.

I asked Darren to give us a snapshot of his Twitter Analytics for June, 2018 and from what I see I would say his numbers are quite impressive.


As you can see, despite the summer slum, the stats are growing strong.

Is TwitterGrowth Working?

Based on the numbers I’ve seen and shown you, I’d say a resounding YES.

Here is what Darren said about his experience with TwitterGrowth so far:

“TwitterGrowth is our secret weapon at FindBestSEO.  In just three months, our Twitter account jumped from a couple of followers to over thirteen hundred.  We’ve been growing steadily at over 10% each week and our tweets are now reaching over 50,000 people each month.  DigitalOcto made it incredibly easy for us to manage our social media so that we could focus on the increased business it is bringing us.”

Do you think you’d do this for your business? I strongly believe there are huge opportunities for those that jump on it and you can do it for any niche. Daily weight loss tips, daily motivation, daily readings, sports news…. whatever your niche is, you can do it.

Find our more about TwitterGrowth .


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